[FO] Lemons and Oranges 檸檬橘子襪

開始日期: 2009/3/24
完成日期: 2009/4/8 (2009/3/29~4/8暫停去打二月小姐)
織圖: Fingeringweight Slip Stitch Heel Toe-up Sock by Wendy Johnson
毛線: Grignasco Bambi 芭比細毛線 100% 特級美麗諾
顏色: #863 橘色, #858 黃色
針碼: 2mm (美規0號)
尺寸: 美國鞋碼 7 號

Lemons and Oranges
Start date: 2009/3/24
Finish date: 2009/4/8 (2009/3/29~4/8 stopped to knit February Lady Sweater)
Pattern: Fingeringweight Slip Stitch Heel Toe-up Sock by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Grignasco Bambi 100% Merino Extrafine
Color: #863 Orange, #858 Yellow
Needle: 2mm (US0)
Size: US shoe size 7

這雙襪是用B送的 Knit Picks Harmony Wood 6吋雙頭襪針組中的 2mm 襪針打的. 果真好用, 差好多! 比原來那個便宜的竹針 - 軟到像剔牙的牙籤一樣的竹針 - 好用多了! 至少打的時候不用刻意放慢速度並且不能用力, 深怕把針折斷! 不過打好第二隻 1/4 時就暫停跑去打二月小姐, 本來應該會先完成襪子才開打二月小姐, 誰曉得剛好找到線了, 又碰到天氣冷, 趕快開打完成. 二月小姐完成後第二天檸檬橘子也完成了!
I used the 2mm needles from the Knit Picks Harmony Wood 6" Sock Needle Set to knit this pair. These needles are really great, very smooth and slick but still have enough friction to hold the thin slippery yarn. They're MUCH better than those cheap bamboo one I bought, which were to soft, just like tooth picks. I had to conciously knit slower and not to apply force on the needles to prevent myself from snapping them. I stopped at 25% of sock 2 to knit February Lady Sweater, although I intended to finish the socks first but I just got my hands on some suitable yarn and the weather was still chilly so I grabbed the chance and started knitting the sweater instead. Anyway, I finished the socks the day after I finished the sweater!

這次的腳跟底作法不同, 其實跟分給襪 (Bungay Socks) 一樣, 只是腳背有打花, 但是計算錯誤, 打出來太小了, 最後送給我媽! 這次要好好練習這種腳跟底作法.
The gusset is different from previous pairs of socks, well, it's the same as Bungay Socks, but I miscalculated and it ended up too small so I had to give them to my mom! Anyway, I had a good practice on this kind of gusset making.

這襪的顏色在陽光下照起來過度明亮, 調了很久, 才盡量調到接近實際顏色.
The color was too bright under the sunlight and I had to adjust a lot just trying to make it look as close as the actual color.


[TKA - FO] February Lady Sweater Finished 二月小姐開襟外套完成

開始日期: 2009/3/29
完成日期: 2009/4/8
織圖: 二月小姐開襟外套 (February Lady Sweater) by Pamela Wynne
毛線: 上海華豐毛紡廠 群英 高級純羊毛防蛀絨線
顏色: 紫藍灰
針碼: 4.5mm (日規8號), 5.7mm (日規12號)
尺寸: S

February Lady Sweater
Start date: 2009/3/29
Finish date: 2009/4/8
Pattern: February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
Yarn: Shanghai Huafeng Spinning Mill ChunYing Pure Wool Yarn
Color: Purplish blue gray
Needle: 4.5mm (Jap #8), 5.7mm (Jap #12)
Size: S

第二隻袖子比第一隻袖子好打多了, 可能是終於習慣這麼粗的針, 且習慣幾隻雙頭針在那裏打架吧!
The second sleeve went on smoothly because I got used to the chubby needles and the dpns "fighting" ...

Flower motif button

應要求真人麻豆, 不過二月小姐尚未下水, 下水後估計會變鬆且變長些. 下過水後會在麻豆一次的,這樣才有之前和之後的比較.
By request, the sweater's modelled by myself, but it is not yet washed. It should be looser and longer after washing. Will model it again after washong so that we can compare the before to the after.


[TKA - WIP] February Lady Sweater: Sleeves 二月小姐的袖子

目前進度第一隻袖子約7.5吋(從腋下). 沒想到袖子真難打, 可能是因為針碼大針粗的關係, 一開始用五本針短針(20公分)打起來很累, 後面針頭老是戳到衣服蕾絲花裡, 後來換成一支長輪針, 可是針碼大覺得不夠長,於是又換成兩支輪針, 但不在使用中的輪針兩頭掛下來打來打去搞得很亂, 且針粗打到很痛, 最後又換回雙頭針, 不過這次用四本針, 稍微好一點. 針粗打不快, 又重手很容易痠, 每打兩針就要把下面的衣服刻意用手轉一下, 才不會整件衣服扭在一起...
The progress so far is 7.5 inches (from armpit) on sleeve 1. I never thought a sleeve could be so difficult to knit! Maybe the needle size if large for me so they feel chubby. I began knitting with 5 20cm dpns which the non working ends were almost always caught in the body's lace. So I switched to one long circ, but as the needle is chubby I felt that the cable weren't long enough, then I used two circs instead which didn't improve the situation either. Eventually I changed back into dpns but now working with 4, which is better. The chubby needles slow down the progress and since they're heavier my hands get tired and sore very easily, and I have to consciously adjust the knitted body of the sweater so that when I go around knitting the sleeve the sweater won't wring around itself so much.

上次po文說衣服上看起來好像是皺著的地方其實是...蕾絲花打錯! 重複打同一排花造成的, 這是身體打好後才發現的, 不想拆它, 不管了. 我媽說她最近打的每一件毛衣都有這種狀況, 可是不說看不出來. 不過, 我的好像會也...會就會吧, 我還是不管了!
The so called creases mentioned in the last post are now officially identified as mistaken lace pattern! I knitted the same lace row twice in two places and didn't find out until the body was finished. I'm not going to frog and fix it. My mother said every one of the sweaters she knitted lately has that kind of 'situation' and they're not noticeable. Well, humph, is somewhat noticeable. Anyway, I'm going to leave it at that!

Will continue working on the sleeve...


[TKA - WIP] February Lady Sweater in Progress 二月小姐開襟羊毛外套進行中

2009/4/4 progress: finished body, the creasings are because the knitting was folded

開始日期: 2009/3/29
織圖: 二月小姐開襟外套 (February Lady Sweater) by Pamela Wynne
針碼: 4.5mm (日規8號, 本針), 5.6mm (日規12號, 收針用)

尺寸: S

Start date: 2009/3/29
February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
Needle: 4.5mm (Jap #8, for knitting), 5.6mm (Jap #12, for binding off)

Size: S


Found this lot in my grandma’s closet. My grandmother bought this yarn during her annual visit to Shanghai years ago. There were another bag of dark green yarn I was opting for but then learned that my mother already had a project in mind for it and my aunt suggested the purplish blue grey for this project after hearing the description of the cardigan, so I brought this lot home with me!

13 skeins in total about 680+ grams


I started out using Jap #10 (5.1mm) and found the knitting too loose after a few rows of garter stitch and switched to Jap#8 (4.5mm) which turned out nicely AND the gauge's exaclty the same as the original pattern!

4 gull lace pattern repeats

Now off to knit up the sleeves!