[TKA - FO] February Lady Sweater Finished 二月小姐開襟外套完成

開始日期: 2009/3/29
完成日期: 2009/4/8
織圖: 二月小姐開襟外套 (February Lady Sweater) by Pamela Wynne
毛線: 上海華豐毛紡廠 群英 高級純羊毛防蛀絨線
顏色: 紫藍灰
針碼: 4.5mm (日規8號), 5.7mm (日規12號)
尺寸: S

February Lady Sweater
Start date: 2009/3/29
Finish date: 2009/4/8
Pattern: February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
Yarn: Shanghai Huafeng Spinning Mill ChunYing Pure Wool Yarn
Color: Purplish blue gray
Needle: 4.5mm (Jap #8), 5.7mm (Jap #12)
Size: S

第二隻袖子比第一隻袖子好打多了, 可能是終於習慣這麼粗的針, 且習慣幾隻雙頭針在那裏打架吧!
The second sleeve went on smoothly because I got used to the chubby needles and the dpns "fighting" ...

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應要求真人麻豆, 不過二月小姐尚未下水, 下水後估計會變鬆且變長些. 下過水後會在麻豆一次的,這樣才有之前和之後的比較.
By request, the sweater's modelled by myself, but it is not yet washed. It should be looser and longer after washing. Will model it again after washong so that we can compare the before to the after.