Oblique - Back piece done 斜斜開襟外套 - 後片完成

開始日期: 2009/4/16
圖樣: Oblique by Véronik Avery
線材: CLS Pure Wools
顏色: #66 中麻灰
針碼: 4.5mm (日規 8 號)

Start date: 2009/4/16
Pattern: Oblique by Véronik Avery
Yarn: CLS Pure Wools
Color: #66 Medium Heather Gray
Needle size: 4.5mm (JAP #8)

光是後片就搞了一個多月才完成, 因為 Véronik Avery 設計的毛衣很漂亮但是打起來很複雜, 一個後片有四種花樣, 為了不想因為打錯花一直拆, 所以小心翼翼每打幾針看一下花樣的模樣編, 確認沒打錯, 導致進度超緩慢.
It took me more than a month to finish the back. Although Véronik Avery's designs are all very beautiful but they are really complicated. There are four different stitch patterns for the back, I didn't want to make mistakes and frog, so I knitted very slowly and check every few stitches thus lengthened the progress.

進度緩慢就算了, 中間還差了個春之鬱金香, 斜斜完全停擺, 進度就更慢了. 好不容易腰身部分的減針開始加針, 到最後一次加針時發現針數不對? 發現原來少減了一次針! 這就是中間停工前沒有做筆記的原故, 加上笨笨的沒看清楚有幾個段數環! 所以就拆吧~原本打了六個減針三個加針拆到剩三個減針, 因為健忘的我起頭處減了但結尾處忘記減哪!
Besides the slow progress, I suspended knitting Oblique for Spring Tulips Stole (the stole I'm going to wear to Paris), pushing the finish date even further into the future. When I got to the last increase for the waist increase I had 1 extra stitch, because I forgot to decrease the left side on one of the waist decreases. I stopped to knit Spring Tulips and didn't make notes and before resuming the project failed to check thoroughly my markers...so, FROG! HAd to rip out 3 increases and 3 decreases...

重打後順利許多, 很快就打到腋下減針要開始做拉克蘭處, 這下容易打多了, 因為花樣熟了不用一直看模樣編確認, 且是每兩排正面減針, 就這樣很高興地減啊減啊到了最後一次減針, 一算....不對啊! 怎麼多出這麼多針呢? 這就是 Veronik Avery 的設計複雜的地方, 因為減針處牽涉到蕾絲花, 我可能想太多還繼續有打掛針, 這樣反而又加回去了. 沒辦法, 只好把拉克蘭部分拆掉重打, 還好一天就打完, 第二次沒問題, 每減一次算一次針.
After the major frogging the back went on fine for I memorized the four stitch patterns and when I was getting to the bind off part I founf there were too many stiches left! This is why I said Véronik Avery's designs are complicated: you have to decrease with LACE stitch patterns! And it's very tricky! I didn't count the stitches so I ended up increasing on some rows instead of decreasing. Frogged again and reknitted. Luckily it only took a day to redo. Counted while decreasing.


不過剛發線收針收太緊了點? 等等拆開換大一號針收, 織片我還沒蒸氣烘定型呢!
But I just realized that I bound off a bit too tight, should have bound off using needles one size larger.

Moss stitch pattern on the sides

Right slanting diagonal lace pattern on the right

Textured lace pattern in the center

Left slanting diagonal lace pattern on the left