Spring Tulips Stole 春之鬱金香披肩

開始日期: 2009/4/26
完成日期: 2009/5/17
圖樣: Spring Tulips Stole by Melanie Fuller
線材: Malabrigo Yarn Lace
顏色: #148 Holly Hock
針碼: 3.3mm (日規 4 號)
尺寸: 171.5 公分 x 60 公分

Spring Tulips Stole
Start date: 2009/4/26
Finish date: 2009/5/17
Pattern: Spring Tulips Stole by Melanie Fuller
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Lace
Color: #148 Holly Hock
Needle: 3.3mm (JP #4)
Size: 171.5cm x 60cm

為了去巴黎而打的披肩, 還是插在斜斜開襟外套中間打的. 花樣很容易記, 又好打, Malabrigo 蕾絲線手感極好, 用它打是種享受. Holly Hock 紫紅色打起來比光看毛線漂亮, 剛好又是很鬱金香的顏色. 去巴黎時都是晚上出去當圍巾用, 所以都沒有照相, 無真人示範.

This the stole I knitted specifically for my trip to Paris, started when I was knitting Oblique. The tulip pattern was easy to memorize, easy to knit, and Malabrigo Lace Merino was HEAVENLY to work with! The red purple Holly Hock looks even prettier knitted up then as a skein and it was perfect as the color tulips. But I wore it only at night in Paris, so no pictures were taken, hence, no modelling in person!

The tulips