Un peu de chance Cardigan 一點好運開襟外套

Un peu de chance cardigan was finished in September, but the button hunting and picture taking took quite a while.

It is a test knit for dear Marie-Adeline started back in January/Febuary. The pattern was divided into several parts. I went through an ordeal on yarn selecting. Then was shocked by color lot difference. Ripped the whole thing and reknit with smaller needles for better gauge. When it was finally finished, went through some hard time hunting down the right buttons.

Quite an experience knitting this cardigan, but I enjoyed every minute of it, and it's my favorite cardigan now!!

@ Spot Cafe Taipei

Un peu de chance paired with Percy Shawl (scarf)

Layered over vest and t-shirt

The buttons were custom-dyed


One Day Berets 兩小之一日貝雷

I started the berets at the same time on Friday night, late. I had an opportunity which came up quite unexpectedly to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 by myself! So I went to the cinema for the 19:50 session. It was great! When I came out of the theatre it was 22:30 and almost 23:00 when I got home. So it was even later when I CO the two berets while watching TV eps with DH.

週五晚上很晚兩頂貝雷一起開打. 週五晚忽然有個機會可以自己一個人去看哈利波特死神的聖物Part 1, 7:50 的場看完出來都快 10:30, 到家快 11 點了. 等洗好澡弄弄陪人看影集時, 才邊看邊開打.

12-row i-cord stalk 12排i-cord

The pattern didn't have the stalk but I like it on a beret so I made a 12-row i-cord then started the beret. I didn't finish them until Tuesday 1AM. Very little knitting were done on Sat, Sun but I managed to finish the increase part for both and finished the decrease for Scarlett's Monday morning before going to work. Seba's decrease was done suring lunch break and all I had to do Monday night were the brims and tubular bind-off.

織圖中並沒有頭上那個梗子, 但我喜歡貝雷帽有個梗子, 所以直接起 4 針打 12 排長的梗子再接著打帽子. 週六週日沒怎麼打到, 所以到週二凌晨 1 點才完成. 不過週日晚上把兩頂加針加完, 週一早上上班前把若的減針減完, 週一中午把謙的減完, 回家就打邊緣和收針.

The reason why I was rushing so much and got almost beyond myself was because we're going to have a severe cold front on Tuesday. I yet have to buy the twins new coats, prefereably with hoods. And since we're told that the winter's going to be very cold (houses here are not equipped with heating system), hats are needed.

之所以這麼趕是因為要趕在週二前完成, 因為週二有寒流要來. 趕死我了差點掛點! 今年要幫兩小買新的大衣, 但還沒買, 又聽說今年冬天冷的日子長, 所以本來就有計畫要打帽子.只是計畫都不能順利進行, 才會這麼趕哪.

This is a really nice pattern. It's knitting from the center top, unlike the conventional way of knitting from the brim up. Although the latter does have a gratifying feel when you get to the decreases and the stitches reamaning are getting less and less, I found that knitting from the top is like knitting a top-down sweater, you can try it on and see along the way. And I used tubular/sewn bind-off for the brim, the technique I applied quite a lot recently and have grown to like it very much and enjoy doing it.

這個織圖蠻好的, 與一般從帽沿往上打不同, 是從頂上往下打. 雖然一般的打法往上到減針部分針數越減越少很有成就感, 這個帽子跟上往下打的毛衣一樣, 可以邊打邊試戴, 且現在我都用縫收來收針很有彈性且越來越喜歡用, 所以我不介意最後針數還是很多.

I started to decrease once the center diameter is about 8.5". I didn't knit plain rows in between. I think I should've knitted 1"~2". Should I want to add those plain rows, I can easily undo the brim, rip and add! Nice!

帽頂加針打到直徑 8.5 吋時就直接開始減針, 中間沒有平織部分. 其實應該要打1~2吋平織. 不過這個織圖好在可以從帽沿拆上來加打, 一樣邊加邊試戴, 蠻不錯的.

Anyway, mission accomplished! I should be knitting more hats or hoods...

總之, 任務達成! 我該再多打幾頂帽子...


Top-down Cardigans for S&S 兩小的top-down拉克蘭開襟外套

been planning to knit Scarlett and Sebastian several cardigans and vests this year, along with some hats and berets, and maybe a scarf for each. So the fair isle vests were started in mid-summer. But after that, nothing went on as planned. In a few words, the twins were sent to Kindergarten, got myself a job (restarting EXACTLY five years since I left the last), and was interrupted by many other projects (what else).

今年計畫要給兩小打好幾件外套背心, 可能還有帽子圍巾, 所以七八月就開始打費爾島風背心. 不過之後就沒有一計畫一件一件打...

My mother bought the twins each a pound of fingering weight merino in Beijing this summer. The color pattern was dyed like sock yarn and I strongly suspect that these are actually some renown sock yarn! I was attempted to knit socks with them! I was suggested to use these to knit new garments for the twins but had yet to make swatches. Curiously, the yarns came with a swatch card! It was machine swatched though... I was knitting the fair isle vests with fingering weight yarns and was a bit fed up with the weight so I really wanted to give it a pass.

兩小外婆今年暑假去北京給兩人各買了一磅 fingering weight 的毛線, 染的花跟襪線一樣, 我懷疑根本就是歐美某牌襪線, 很想拿來打雙襪子! 很好笑的是買線有附織片卡...還是機織的, 一點幫助都沒有因為還是要打織片. 兩小外婆說要用這線打衣服但織片沒做不能開工, 剛好那時打費爾島風背心打細線打得有點煩, 想要換換粗細.

From grandma: Sebastian's golden brown and stone 外婆買的線: 謙的咖啡金+石頭灰

From grandma: Scarlett's mauve 外婆買的線:若的紫紅

Anyway, I decided to use this wonderful luscious lambswool/cashmere/angora handpainted yarn bought a few years back in my stash to knit the twins cardigans. I used these same yarns to knit tow cardigans two years ago. I was supposed to ripped them and use that part of the yarn first but I was lazy so I cast-on with new balls. Each cardigan used less than 3 balls (150g).

最後決定用這組前幾年跟南萍姐買的羔羊毛/山羊絨/兔毛手染線, 手感很好, 又輕又暖, 線撚得實卻不硬, 不容易被針戳開岔. 兩年前用過同組線給兩小打外套, 本要先拆來打, 不過實在懶, 且沒打過的還好幾球, 就拿新球來打. 一件用不到三顆 150g.

As I used this yarn before and I made two swatches so I can CO right away, after calculating and get all the figures required, of course. I used tubular/invisible CO, as instructed in Interweave Knits Fal 2008. I like the rolled edge feel and decided to do an invisible/sewn BO for the hem and cuffs. I also wanted the button/buttonhole bands to be sewn to the collar band instead of knitting them all the way up to the collar, inspired by the lovely Marie-Adeline's Un peu de chance Cardigan. M1 increases were used to the raglan instead of my usual kfb.

因為之前打過做過織片所以馬上就起針了, 不過當然還是要先算針. 算針最麻煩了, 但不算開打不了啊! 尤其這次沒有織圖自己想著打, 更要算. 我用 IK 2008 秋季號中介紹的隱形/彈性起針法起領子, 且計畫用隱形/縫收針法收袖口下襬釦子和釦洞邊. 我喜歡那個圓滑的邊緣. 這次釦子釦洞邊不挑到領子邊, 只挑到前襟平針部份, 然後再和領子縫合. 從 Marie-Adeline 的 Un peu de chance 開襟外套來的靈感. 這次拉克蘭加針用的是扭加針, 和我一向用的打一前一後不同, 效果也不一樣.

The button/buttonhole bands were sewn to the collar band, inspired by Marie-Adeline's Un peu de chance Cardigan.子釦洞邊與領子縫合是從 Marie-Adeline Un peu de chance 開襟外套來的靈感

M1 increases for the raglan instead of the usual kfb 拉克蘭用扭加針與以往一前一後不同

I planned the chest circumference to be about 25" but it came out almost smaller. The cardigans were only steamed to smooth and even out the stiches and hopefully it will relax a little more after wear. The cardigans were knitted Continental style while the swatches were made English style. Although I had that in mind and increased a few times more, the size didn't come out as large as I would've liked. But they're still fine. Really.

原計畫胸圍打 25 吋但打出來較小一點. 外套都有蒸氣定型讓針腳平順, 希望穿過後會大一些. 我想是因為衣服是左手掛線打的, 但織片確是又手線打的. 我是知道這個差別所以加針時有多加些, 但仍沒有我想要的大. 不過還好啦. 太大了很麻煩, 小孩衣服就是這樣, 太大了捲東捲西自己看了很窩囊, 太小的又可惜.

Scarlett's was CO first and 3.3mm (Japanese size 4) needles were used to CO the collar then switched to 3.6mm (JP5) for the body. Then I thought a smaller size needle would render an even better stitch definition so Seba's was CO with 3mm (JP3) and switched to 3.3mm for the body. The result was very good and I didn't have to worry and tug on the stitches.

若的先起針用日規4號起領子, 5號織身體. 後來覺得要再小一號針目會更漂亮, 所以謙的就用 3號起領子 4 號織身體, 果然不一樣! 如此我就不用擔心每一針都想要去多拉一下拉緊一點.

Sleeves should've been knitted first after dividing the body and the sleeves, but I went on knitting the body, anyway. 3.3mm and 3mm needles were used to knit Scarlett's and Seba's ribbing respectively and then invisibe/sewn bound off. The button bands were knitted next for I still had to calculate the spacings of the buttonhole bands. The buttonhole bands have a 2-stitch garter edge, inspired by Veronik Avery. After knitting Dollar and a Half Cardigan and Oblique, I found it her signature to keep 2 or 3 stitches at the bottom of the band in garter stitcht to keep them neat and easier to block into shape/measurement.

身體袖子分家後應先打袖子, 但我還是先把身體打好. 下襬的羅紋邊用 4 號和 3 號針打且用縫收收針. 接下來織的是扣子邊, 因為釦洞邊還沒算好間隔距離! 釦洞邊最下面 2 針打起伏針做邊, 這是打了 Veronik Avery 的一塊半開襟外套還有斜斜開襟外套得來的靈感和經驗. VA 喜歡將釦子釦洞邊最下面 2~3 針打起伏針做邊, 這樣比較平整且容易整型.

The 2-stitch garter edge on the buttonhole band, inspired by Veronik Avery 釦洞邊最下面 2 針打起輔針最邊 - 從VA那得來的靈感

2-stitch garter edge on the buttonhole band 釦洞邊的 2 針起伏邊

The cuffs were knitted with 2.5mm dpns. I don't have circulars in that size. Normally I don't used needles more than one size smaller than the body for cuffs for I don't like the cinched look. In Japanese patterns and many compatriot knitters, they do, and the latter most likely never block their finished sweaters so the cuffs, hems and collars are all scruffled up. I only lightly steam block the cardigans so that it is visible that needles more than one size smaller is used for the cuff. Had I blocked it the normal way, one might never tell that needles three sizes smaller were used. And because the needles were dpns, I got those horrifying ladder effect. I didn;t want to "aggravate" the cinched look so I knitted loosely and didn't tug when I carried the yarn over to the next needle. The invisible/sewn BO contributed the smooth rolled edge and neutralized the ladder effect shock.

袖口是用 2.5mm 的雙頭棒針打的, 因為我沒有 2.5mm 的輪針. 通常我不喜歡用比打身體的針小超過 1 號的針來打下襬袖口或領口. 那種束口的感覺我很不喜歡. 有些織圖和一些同好喜歡用至少小兩號的織, 且後者通常不將毛衣定型, 所以成品的袖口下襬領口通通縮起來, 一整個看起來很頹... 我還只有輕輕用蒸氣烘過定型, 如果照一般定型的力道, 整型完可能沒人會發現這是用小 2~3 號的針打的... 這次之所以用小這麼多號的針打是因為怕袖口開太大. 非常時候要用非常手段嘛. 不過為了不要更加強束口的感覺我還織得鬆鬆的, 所以換針帶線時沒有拉, 產生了樓梯效應. 還好縫收做出來的圓滑邊緣可以中和一下.

The ladder effect.... 樓梯效應

The small ladder... 小樓梯

The twins were excited when they saw me photographing the cardigans. Will post pictures of the twins wearing them!

兩小看到我在拍外套成品時很高興, 知道有新毛衣穿了. 穿了毛衣在拍照放上來.


Mandala II (2) 第二條曼陀羅II

Back in 2008 I knitted my first Renee Leverington shawl: the Mandala. It was also one of the 3 shawl knit-alongs I participated, and it was also my first shawl knit-along outside Taiwan. I have always been a fan of Renee's but never really had the courage to start one of her designs, when the Anniversary Mystery Shawl Knit-along started, I just had to jump in! I used a cobweb deep purple merino lace yarn DH brought back from Beijing and casted on. I didn't designated the shawl to anyone while knitting it until a little before I was finishing it: my grandmother. It was her 80th birthday. What could be a better gift than this circlular lace shawl which took me 8 weeks to finish (TONS of effort, including spending ONE week unravelling 6 rounds 3456 stitches one by one for my son JUMPED on me and a stitch fell several rows...)? She loves it a lot.

Two years later, another Anniversary Mystery Shawl Knit-along had started and right from the beginning we knew that it was Mandala II. And again, I had to jump in! Right away I knew this shawl is for my mother's 60th birthday. I used the same yarn as my grandmother's but in the color deep red. I chose the most complicated pattern from each clue which I knew my mother would appreciate. She did! This time, with more lace knitting experience it took me about 5 weeks to finish.

My aunt likes my grandmother's Mandala a lot, and likes my mother's Mandala II even more! I did plan to knit her one for her 60th birthday in another 2 years, but seeing her yearning so much for hers, I decided to move up the schedule and knit hers now. I ordered yarn specifically for this project. The yarn is Knit Picks Gloss in Cyan. She likes bright colors and since she has lots of black in her wardrobe, the color would go with any piece she wears.

Choosing the pattern from each part is kind of tricky for I have to avoid knitting the same pattern in my mother's Mandala. But the remainning patterns left in each part sometimes don't meet with my liking. Anyway, I just started part 3, still a lot to go!

Clue 2 chart B

Clue 2 chart B

Clue 1 chart B


Teacher's Day Gifts 教師節禮物

At the end of August I was starting to plan to knit something for the twin's teachers and decided that some simple lace scarves would be nice. So I picked Lace Ribbon Scarf using Baruffa Cashwool in morning sky blue (a light blue with a light gray undertone) for Miss Mini and Mandering Vines Scarf also using Baruffa Cashwool but in light pearl pink (a light pink with a slight peach undertone) for Miss Su. Cashwool is a cobweb lace so I wound the yarn into 4 (for the blue) and 3 (for the pink) balls by dividing the weight of the skein.

八月底就開始想教師節該打 個甚麼給兩小的老師, 覺得簡單大方的蕾絲圍巾應該不錯, 於是選了蕾絲緞帶圍巾給 mini 老師, 彎曲藤蔓圍巾給蘇老師. 兩條都是用 Baruffa Cashwool 來打, mini 老師是破曉藍 (帶一點點灰的淡藍色), 蘇老師的是珍珠粉 (帶一點點粉橘的淡粉紅). Baruffa Cashwool 線非常細是一般蕾絲線的一半, 所以一重量平分藍色的捲成四球, 粉紅色的捲成三球來打.

Top and botton left: Miss Mini's Lace Ribbon Scarf; top and bottom right: Miss Su's Meandering Vines Scarf.
左上與下: mini 老師的蕾絲緞帶圍巾; 右上與下: 蘇老師的彎曲藤蔓圍巾.

After the scarves were finishd, I started to fret over the packaging, for I forgot to go to the packaging store for pretty little paper bags! But I remembered the Little Ditty Bag I saw dear Linda made, which I was thinking about making one for Scarlett, so I made one for Scaralett first as a test knit to see the result. The little bag came our very nicely so I crocheted two, both two-colored, for packing the lace scarves. It is an easy and quite addictive pattern, so afterwards, I made another two, that's five in total and I had to stop. I didn't want to cause carpal tunnel syndrome for my right wrist was quite sore.

圍巾玩成後又開始為了禮物的包裝傷腦筋, 因為忘記去包裝材料行看漂亮的紙袋或紗網袋. 好在之前看到這個針線袋一直想鈎個給若玩, 於是先測試性鈎一個給若, 覺得效果不錯, 於是做了兩個裝蕾絲圍巾. 這小袋很可愛, 容易鈎也容易上癮, 所以後來又鈎了兩個, 前後共五個. 應該是不能再鈎了, 得休息, 因為手腕很痠, 不想腕隧道症候群發作.

Top left: Scarlett's tiny 7.5cm x 7.5cm ditty; top right: Miss Mini's 12.5cm x 14.5cm ditty in black and blue, Miss Su's 12cm x 12cm ditty in cherry and pink; bottom left: 10cm x 10cm ditty in black; bottom right: 8cm x 8cm ditty in orange.
左上: 若的桃紅小小袋 7.5 公分 x 7.5 公分; 右上: mini老師的藍黑雙色小袋 12.5 公分 x 14.5 公分, 蘇老師的櫻桃粉紅小袋 12 公分 x 12 公分; 左下: 黑色小袋 10 公分 x 10 公分; 右下: 粉橘段染小袋 8 公分 x 8 公分.

Left: Miss Mini's ditty with her Lace Ribbon Scarf; right: Miss Su's ditty with her Meandering Vines Scarf.
左: mini 老師的小袋與蕾絲緞帶圍巾; 右: 蘇老師的小袋與彎曲藤蔓圍巾

I haven't decided if I'm keeping the black one or gift it, for my Summer Flies shawlette was knitted using the same Lana Grossa Gala. The ditty was made from the leftover. As to the orange mohair ditty, it is being used as my notions bag now but I might gift it later. We'll see!

我還沒決定黑色小袋要送人還是自用, 因為是用與夏日飛逝小披肩同種線鈎的. 粉橘毛海小袋現在正裝著編織用的小物, 也還沒決定要送人還是自用, 看看吧!


Citron is done! 香櫞第一彈完成!

Finally, I finished Citron, the first one I casted on.


This Citron has 7 sections instead of the original 5 for I used a thinner lace yarn. And to achieve the textural effect I had to use a smaller 3.5mm needle. Since I work mostly with merino, the cobweb/lace weight wool yarn was a bit hard to get along with at the beginning. Besides, I was practicing knitting Continental method with this project and it might also be a contribution to the slightly rough start. I knitted all the way to the start of section 7 and then was interrupted by other projects such a Citron a la española, Fair Isle vests for the twins, Summer Flies, and Scareltt's Ribbed Lace Bolero. I did managed to finish section 7 in between these projects but the beaded bind-off took ages. It took me maybe two or three weeks to finish but then I wasn't binding off everyday. I needed to work in a cool and quiet place for a bead had to be hooked up to every stitch I bind off, and there were 732 stitches... In the end, all the hard work paid off. The beads really complimented the shawlette, and the shawlette itself, although being wool, it quite exquisite in the texture and I love it. Perfect for summer inside air-conditioned spaces.

這條香櫞有七段比原作五段還要多, 因為我用了組極細純羊毛蕾絲線, 且為了要讓平針和皺皺部分的層次感明顯, 還用了較小的 3.5mm 針, 我又用這 project 練習左手掛線, 所以一開始有點慢, 主要是左手掛線鬆緊度的拿捏還有純羊毛較粗又細線磨手. 儘管如此, 我還是一口氣打到第七段, 才被其他 project 插隊: 西班牙版香櫞, 兩小的費爾島風背心, 夏日飛逝小披肩, 和若的蕾絲波麗路. 第七段是在個 project 中完成的, 是珠收針比較麻煩花了很多時間, 前後可能拖了兩三星期吧. 因為珠收針每一針都要掛珠子, 總共有 732 針要收, 且要在涼快的地方安靜地做才行. 不過最後的結果證明一切的辛苦都是值得的. 淡綠透明閃虹光的珠子很能襯托芹菜綠的小披肩, 披肩本身雖為純羊毛, 但因線極細打出來的質感輕薄, 平針與皺皺間的層次感分明, 很適合夏天冷氣房內用. 我喜歡!

The layering

The yarn is Cigno Nero 2/25 Pura Lana Vergine Irrestringibile, which I procured from my dear friend M. She bought this during a ayrn shopping spree in Milan. When I saw the many yarns she brought back during her visit in April, this one caught my eye for its color. I didn't have that in my stash and I was sure I could easily use this in any project and that the light, refreshing celery color would make any project delightful. It did!

這組線是瑪姐這次回來跟她買的. 它是瑪姐去米蘭血拼毛線的戰利品. 看瑪姐帶回的眾多毛線中就這組最吸引我注意, 主要是它的顏色, 我庫存中沒這種色. 我相信一定可以很容易就找到適合的織圖用它, 它清新的芹菜綠也可讓任何一個織圖打起來心曠神怡. 的確是! 只不過我自己龜毛, 打慣了美麗諾打純羊毛極細蕾絲就覺得粗硬, 哈!

The beaded bind-off

The ruchings

The beads: light green transparent iridescent
珠珠: 淺綠透明虹光


Ribbed Lace Bolero 若的蕾絲波麗路

Scarlett posing happily in her new bolero

The twins were sent to Kindergarten in August. As they're going to pre-school, clothes should be abundant. Mothercare was having a huge reduction sale, as usual, my mother had to go shopping. She was going to ask me to go along, but Scarlett was sick at home, so she had to change her plan to come see Scarlett first and then go shopping by herself. When Scarlett learned that grandma was going to buy her pretty clothes she had to tag along. So, eventually we had to bring this half-cured sick child to the sale. And as usual, grandma bought a LOT of clothes for them. Scarlett now has plently of spaghetti strap tops and vests, since the Kindergarten is air conditioned, she needs a bolero or shrug to go with those. Luckily, about the same time Margaret proposed the Ribbed Lace Bolero. I like it. Although I personally don't like this particular type of bolero, but I was sure it would be great on Scarlett.

話說兩小七月底就去試讀八月正式上幼稚園, 上學每天要換衣服, 衣服穿起來兇, 也有很多衣服都要穿不下了, 尤其若. 剛好 Mothercare 有特賣, 外婆依例是一定要去血拼的. 本是要約我一起去買, 但若那天生病在家休息, 外婆只好改變計畫先來看她然後自己去買, 若知道要買漂亮衣服怎麼都要跟去, 只好帶著一個病好一半的小孩去逛特賣會. 一如往常地, 買了很多衣服, 若有不少細肩帶和背心類的上衣, 幼稚園有冷氣, 所以她急需一件小外套. 又剛好那時瑪姐推薦這蕾絲波麗路, 我蠻喜歡的, 雖然我自己不喜歡這種形式的波麗路, 但給若穿一定很剛好.

I have to use yarn from my stash. There's this synthetic tape/ribbon contruction yarn that has a little elasticity, which I bought years ago, in the color of dusty heathery fleshy pink, or shall we say it's the color of the lotus root. I thought the color should go with all Scarlett's tops. So I cast-on double stranded.

線一定要從庫存中找, 想來想去只有一組幾前跟琦鋪買的藕色緞帶紗, 有點彈性. 我想顏色應該可以搭若所有的上衣, 因為藕得有點肉色. 我是拉雙線打.

The bolero is 20 inches wide (sleeve to sleeve) and 12 inches high. I figured the bolero should be snug and fit to achieve the effect but since Scarlett's tops are large enough for her to wear until at least next year or maybe even longer, so I added a little room in the bolero. I thought the elasticity would help in the shaping but I was wrong. The bolero started to droop a little after wearing but I hope next year when Scarlett has grown even bigger it will become very fitting. And I am still relying on the little elasticity in the yarn so that the bolero can be stretched!

小外套 20 吋寬 (袖口到袖口), 12 吋高. 這件波麗露我覺得要打得剛剛好, 穿起來才好看. 不過若的上衣都比較大件至少可以穿到明年甚至後年, 所以小外套我就沒有打得那麼緊. 本以為線中的彈性可以對衣服的塑型有幫助, 結果我錯了. 穿了以後開始有點垮. 不過明年等若長大點小外套應該就可以變比較合身了, 即使合身了, 我還是要仰賴線中的那一點點彈性, 希望到時可以被撐開, 可以再穿久一點!

Anyway, Scarlett's very happy with the bolero and she posed for me for the first time without making silly faces! The profile pics even look a little like Audrey Tautou!

若很喜歡這件波麗路, 這也是第一次她示範衣服拍照沒做鬼臉. 那兩張側面的看起來還有點像 Audrey Tautou呢!