Ribbed Lace Bolero 若的蕾絲波麗路

Scarlett posing happily in her new bolero

The twins were sent to Kindergarten in August. As they're going to pre-school, clothes should be abundant. Mothercare was having a huge reduction sale, as usual, my mother had to go shopping. She was going to ask me to go along, but Scarlett was sick at home, so she had to change her plan to come see Scarlett first and then go shopping by herself. When Scarlett learned that grandma was going to buy her pretty clothes she had to tag along. So, eventually we had to bring this half-cured sick child to the sale. And as usual, grandma bought a LOT of clothes for them. Scarlett now has plently of spaghetti strap tops and vests, since the Kindergarten is air conditioned, she needs a bolero or shrug to go with those. Luckily, about the same time Margaret proposed the Ribbed Lace Bolero. I like it. Although I personally don't like this particular type of bolero, but I was sure it would be great on Scarlett.

話說兩小七月底就去試讀八月正式上幼稚園, 上學每天要換衣服, 衣服穿起來兇, 也有很多衣服都要穿不下了, 尤其若. 剛好 Mothercare 有特賣, 外婆依例是一定要去血拼的. 本是要約我一起去買, 但若那天生病在家休息, 外婆只好改變計畫先來看她然後自己去買, 若知道要買漂亮衣服怎麼都要跟去, 只好帶著一個病好一半的小孩去逛特賣會. 一如往常地, 買了很多衣服, 若有不少細肩帶和背心類的上衣, 幼稚園有冷氣, 所以她急需一件小外套. 又剛好那時瑪姐推薦這蕾絲波麗路, 我蠻喜歡的, 雖然我自己不喜歡這種形式的波麗路, 但給若穿一定很剛好.

I have to use yarn from my stash. There's this synthetic tape/ribbon contruction yarn that has a little elasticity, which I bought years ago, in the color of dusty heathery fleshy pink, or shall we say it's the color of the lotus root. I thought the color should go with all Scarlett's tops. So I cast-on double stranded.

線一定要從庫存中找, 想來想去只有一組幾前跟琦鋪買的藕色緞帶紗, 有點彈性. 我想顏色應該可以搭若所有的上衣, 因為藕得有點肉色. 我是拉雙線打.

The bolero is 20 inches wide (sleeve to sleeve) and 12 inches high. I figured the bolero should be snug and fit to achieve the effect but since Scarlett's tops are large enough for her to wear until at least next year or maybe even longer, so I added a little room in the bolero. I thought the elasticity would help in the shaping but I was wrong. The bolero started to droop a little after wearing but I hope next year when Scarlett has grown even bigger it will become very fitting. And I am still relying on the little elasticity in the yarn so that the bolero can be stretched!

小外套 20 吋寬 (袖口到袖口), 12 吋高. 這件波麗露我覺得要打得剛剛好, 穿起來才好看. 不過若的上衣都比較大件至少可以穿到明年甚至後年, 所以小外套我就沒有打得那麼緊. 本以為線中的彈性可以對衣服的塑型有幫助, 結果我錯了. 穿了以後開始有點垮. 不過明年等若長大點小外套應該就可以變比較合身了, 即使合身了, 我還是要仰賴線中的那一點點彈性, 希望到時可以被撐開, 可以再穿久一點!

Anyway, Scarlett's very happy with the bolero and she posed for me for the first time without making silly faces! The profile pics even look a little like Audrey Tautou!

若很喜歡這件波麗路, 這也是第一次她示範衣服拍照沒做鬼臉. 那兩張側面的看起來還有點像 Audrey Tautou呢!