Citron is done! 香櫞第一彈完成!

Finally, I finished Citron, the first one I casted on.


This Citron has 7 sections instead of the original 5 for I used a thinner lace yarn. And to achieve the textural effect I had to use a smaller 3.5mm needle. Since I work mostly with merino, the cobweb/lace weight wool yarn was a bit hard to get along with at the beginning. Besides, I was practicing knitting Continental method with this project and it might also be a contribution to the slightly rough start. I knitted all the way to the start of section 7 and then was interrupted by other projects such a Citron a la española, Fair Isle vests for the twins, Summer Flies, and Scareltt's Ribbed Lace Bolero. I did managed to finish section 7 in between these projects but the beaded bind-off took ages. It took me maybe two or three weeks to finish but then I wasn't binding off everyday. I needed to work in a cool and quiet place for a bead had to be hooked up to every stitch I bind off, and there were 732 stitches... In the end, all the hard work paid off. The beads really complimented the shawlette, and the shawlette itself, although being wool, it quite exquisite in the texture and I love it. Perfect for summer inside air-conditioned spaces.

這條香櫞有七段比原作五段還要多, 因為我用了組極細純羊毛蕾絲線, 且為了要讓平針和皺皺部分的層次感明顯, 還用了較小的 3.5mm 針, 我又用這 project 練習左手掛線, 所以一開始有點慢, 主要是左手掛線鬆緊度的拿捏還有純羊毛較粗又細線磨手. 儘管如此, 我還是一口氣打到第七段, 才被其他 project 插隊: 西班牙版香櫞, 兩小的費爾島風背心, 夏日飛逝小披肩, 和若的蕾絲波麗路. 第七段是在個 project 中完成的, 是珠收針比較麻煩花了很多時間, 前後可能拖了兩三星期吧. 因為珠收針每一針都要掛珠子, 總共有 732 針要收, 且要在涼快的地方安靜地做才行. 不過最後的結果證明一切的辛苦都是值得的. 淡綠透明閃虹光的珠子很能襯托芹菜綠的小披肩, 披肩本身雖為純羊毛, 但因線極細打出來的質感輕薄, 平針與皺皺間的層次感分明, 很適合夏天冷氣房內用. 我喜歡!

The layering

The yarn is Cigno Nero 2/25 Pura Lana Vergine Irrestringibile, which I procured from my dear friend M. She bought this during a ayrn shopping spree in Milan. When I saw the many yarns she brought back during her visit in April, this one caught my eye for its color. I didn't have that in my stash and I was sure I could easily use this in any project and that the light, refreshing celery color would make any project delightful. It did!

這組線是瑪姐這次回來跟她買的. 它是瑪姐去米蘭血拼毛線的戰利品. 看瑪姐帶回的眾多毛線中就這組最吸引我注意, 主要是它的顏色, 我庫存中沒這種色. 我相信一定可以很容易就找到適合的織圖用它, 它清新的芹菜綠也可讓任何一個織圖打起來心曠神怡. 的確是! 只不過我自己龜毛, 打慣了美麗諾打純羊毛極細蕾絲就覺得粗硬, 哈!

The beaded bind-off

The ruchings

The beads: light green transparent iridescent
珠珠: 淺綠透明虹光