One Day Berets 兩小之一日貝雷

I started the berets at the same time on Friday night, late. I had an opportunity which came up quite unexpectedly to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 by myself! So I went to the cinema for the 19:50 session. It was great! When I came out of the theatre it was 22:30 and almost 23:00 when I got home. So it was even later when I CO the two berets while watching TV eps with DH.

週五晚上很晚兩頂貝雷一起開打. 週五晚忽然有個機會可以自己一個人去看哈利波特死神的聖物Part 1, 7:50 的場看完出來都快 10:30, 到家快 11 點了. 等洗好澡弄弄陪人看影集時, 才邊看邊開打.

12-row i-cord stalk 12排i-cord

The pattern didn't have the stalk but I like it on a beret so I made a 12-row i-cord then started the beret. I didn't finish them until Tuesday 1AM. Very little knitting were done on Sat, Sun but I managed to finish the increase part for both and finished the decrease for Scarlett's Monday morning before going to work. Seba's decrease was done suring lunch break and all I had to do Monday night were the brims and tubular bind-off.

織圖中並沒有頭上那個梗子, 但我喜歡貝雷帽有個梗子, 所以直接起 4 針打 12 排長的梗子再接著打帽子. 週六週日沒怎麼打到, 所以到週二凌晨 1 點才完成. 不過週日晚上把兩頂加針加完, 週一早上上班前把若的減針減完, 週一中午把謙的減完, 回家就打邊緣和收針.

The reason why I was rushing so much and got almost beyond myself was because we're going to have a severe cold front on Tuesday. I yet have to buy the twins new coats, prefereably with hoods. And since we're told that the winter's going to be very cold (houses here are not equipped with heating system), hats are needed.

之所以這麼趕是因為要趕在週二前完成, 因為週二有寒流要來. 趕死我了差點掛點! 今年要幫兩小買新的大衣, 但還沒買, 又聽說今年冬天冷的日子長, 所以本來就有計畫要打帽子.只是計畫都不能順利進行, 才會這麼趕哪.

This is a really nice pattern. It's knitting from the center top, unlike the conventional way of knitting from the brim up. Although the latter does have a gratifying feel when you get to the decreases and the stitches reamaning are getting less and less, I found that knitting from the top is like knitting a top-down sweater, you can try it on and see along the way. And I used tubular/sewn bind-off for the brim, the technique I applied quite a lot recently and have grown to like it very much and enjoy doing it.

這個織圖蠻好的, 與一般從帽沿往上打不同, 是從頂上往下打. 雖然一般的打法往上到減針部分針數越減越少很有成就感, 這個帽子跟上往下打的毛衣一樣, 可以邊打邊試戴, 且現在我都用縫收來收針很有彈性且越來越喜歡用, 所以我不介意最後針數還是很多.

I started to decrease once the center diameter is about 8.5". I didn't knit plain rows in between. I think I should've knitted 1"~2". Should I want to add those plain rows, I can easily undo the brim, rip and add! Nice!

帽頂加針打到直徑 8.5 吋時就直接開始減針, 中間沒有平織部分. 其實應該要打1~2吋平織. 不過這個織圖好在可以從帽沿拆上來加打, 一樣邊加邊試戴, 蠻不錯的.

Anyway, mission accomplished! I should be knitting more hats or hoods...

總之, 任務達成! 我該再多打幾頂帽子...