Toasty 暖融融

I spent quite a lot of time searching for fingerless mitt patterns. One day I encountered Toast/Toasty and was enchanted. I had just the right yarn for it and I really needed long fingerless mitts to pair with my 1/2 and 3/4 sleeve pullovers/cardigans.

最近花了不少時間搜尋無指手套的織圖. 有一天忽然看到暖烘烘/暖融融, 頓時驚為天人. 手邊剛好有很適合的線可打, 太高興了, 因為我很需要一雙長的無指手套搭配五分和七分袖的毛衣和開襟外套.

The mitts are about 13", 2" longer than the pattern required. The palm and thumb are also longer, so that I can roll them down when I'm outdoors and roll them up indoors.

手套總共約 13 吋長, 比原作長 2 吋. 手掌和大拇指部分也有加長, 這樣在戶外可以攤平遮蓋住大部分的手, 在室內可捲起來露出多一點的手指頭.

Paired with Un peu de chance Cardigan, a 3/4-sleeve cardigan. 與七分袖一點好運開襟外套搭配

I followed napkinpeom's note and knitted gussets for thumbs to better accommodate my wide palms. And I really like the result. I increased until 13 sts for the thumb.

我採用 napkinpeom 的筆記建議以加針法打大拇指, 這樣我的寬手掌戴起來才比較服貼舒適. 加針法打出來的結果非常令人滿意. 大拇指部分我加針加到13針, 原作為 11 針.

Approximately 13" long. 總長約 13 吋, 比原作長 2 吋.

Gussets were used to make the thumbs, to better fit my wide palm. 拇指以加針法做, 我的寬手掌戴起來比較浮貼.

This can be counted as a one skein project.


Mittens for S&S 兩小的手套

Cold fronts have been hitting Taiwan consecutively for over a month, and it's getting colder and colder. We were having single digits suchs as 6C in the city. It's really harsh for houses in sub- tropical Taiwan are not equipped with central heating. Although the twins have cashmere berets to keep their heads warm, but the hands were like icicles. I needed to knit up 2 pairs of mitts FAST!

一個月多月來寒流不斷, 越來越冷. 兩小雖有 cashmere 的貝雷帽保護頭和耳朵, 但手還是露在外面, 到了幼稚園都變成冰棒手. 所以我得馬上生出兩雙手套來給兩小.

After searching through Ravelry, downloading and saving many patterns for mittens, I decided to knit Gifted by Kate Gilbert. It's easy to read, to knit and I happen to have some worsted weight leftovers. Scarlett's yarn is leftover from her Babydoll Tunic while Sebastian's yarn is leftover from my Oblique Cardigan.

花了不少時間在 Ravelry 上賴賴索, 抓了一堆手套織圖後決定打 Kate Gilbert 的 Gifted. 簡單好打且剛好有點的剩線可用. 若的是她泡泡袖娃娃裝剩的線, 謙的是我斜斜開襟外套剩的線.

They took me an afternoon and a night. Actully Scarlett's 1st mitt took me most of the afternoon, for I ripped 2 times. I wanted to make it right. Not to big but has to have a little room for growth, and not to tight then it could only be worn this season. After Scarlett's 1 st mitt, it was as easy as a breeze.

2 雙手套花了一下午 + 一晚上. 其實若的第一隻花了幾乎一下午, 拆了兩次, 我想把它弄對. 我想打有一點鬆分可以讓手掌大但又不能太大, 太小了就只能待這兩個月. 若的第一隻弄清楚後, 後面 3 織就很輕鬆了.

And I enjoyed knitting them! I wanted a pair for myself!

這手套打起來很好玩, 我自己也想要一雙!

The right hand thumb is 2 rows longer than the left. 若右手拇指比左手多兩排.

Sebastian's thumbs are 2 rows shorter than Scarlett's. She has longer fingers. 謙的拇指比若的少2排.若的手指比較長.

Actually, I wanted to knit stranded mittens or mittens with motif (Hello Kitty, Totoro etc.). But as it was emergency, so I had to knit with solid colors.

其實, 我是想打配色或是有花樣的 (Hello Kitty, 龍貓等等), 不過這次是急著要戴, 所以先打素色的囉!