Hermione's Everyday Sock 妙麗日常襪

After seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, I was so inspired and wanted to knit those garments and accessories they wore. Hermione's Everyday Sock wasn't in the movie but it was in my mind. Saw it a while ago and would like to knit it. I was motivated but projects kept coming up. When I finally had a break I saw Havanaise' ravel which made me cast-on the sock.

看完哈利波特死神的聖物上後, 受到很大的激勵想要把主角們在電影裡穿的毛衣和小物通通都打起來. 妙麗日常襪並不是電影裡出現的, 很久以前就看到想打, 不過一直有其他織物在產生, 好不容易空檔出線, 又看到 Havanais 的筆記, 就馬上開打這雙襪.

Like Havanaise, I have a high instep and often find shoes uncomfortable. I've been knitting socks for sometime but found them didn't fit as well as I would've liked. I thought it was because the elasticity of the cuffs. Hand-knitted wollen sock cuffs aren't like store bought ones. I've been knitting socks toe-up for whatever reason toe-up cuff was considered more elastic than cuff-down. Besides, back then grafting was my Achilles' Heel. Only last year I learned Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off, the twin of Judy's Magic Cast-on. So ashamed. Being a sock knitter and not know about JSSBO.

跟 Havanaise 一樣我的腳背高, 買鞋常碰到穿起來不舒服的狀況. 襪子也織了幾年, 始終覺得不那麼合腳好穿. 我以為是襪頭彈性的問題, 由於不知名的原因一直打趾起襪, 覺得趾起的襪頭彈性會比襪頭起的好. 那時候也不會縫接, 襪頭起打的腳趾處要縫接, 是我的罩門. 又到了去年, 我才發現有珍妮超有彈性收針法, 是茱蒂魔術起針法的雙胞胎姊妹. 真是有夠遜. 號稱是襪子織女卻不知道有這種收針法.

After knowing JSSBO I thought my toe-up cuffs might be improved greatly. Well, not quite. It was a wee bit better, that's all. I only knit one pair of toe-up socks, Triton, before I decided to knit mainly cuff-downs. Since I've overcome my fear for grafting, I have no fear for cuff-downs. Besides, after consulting with Havanais about knitting the heel flap longer, I've a full-steam engine!

知道珍妮超有彈性收針法後心想我的趾起襪頭會更有彈性了. 並沒有. 只是感覺不那麼沒彈性罷了. 此後, 我只再織了一雙特里同襪, 就決定要多打襪頭起的襪子. 且現在會縫接了, 就沒有再怕襪頭起的襪子. 再請教 Havanaise 過後, 就全力織起來了.

Although Hermione's Everyday Sock's stitch pattern doesn't strike as breasthtaking assessing from its Ravelry pattern page, but one will grow on it. It has my new favorite Eye of Partridge heel, and it has a twist of garter edge. The stitch pattern is so simple and easy the hand can knit itself automatically without the brain proccessing on it. And it works very well with variegated yarn.

妙麗日常襪的織圖介紹頁上的照片看起來模樣並不驚為天人, 但是打了一定會喜歡的. 她有我現在最愛的鷓鴣眼模樣腳跟, 且還有起伏邊. 主體模樣超簡單根本不用記手就會自己打, 不需要經過大腦了. 這模樣蠻適合段染線的.

I have four colorways of On Your Toe 4 Ply with Aloe Vera. They were knitted into Floret Toe-Up Socks, Blackrose Inspired Toe-Up Socks, Triton, and Edwardian Boating Socks. They all have leftovers and each about 25~30 grams, only enough for one sock. So I decided to knit 4 socks and wear whichever 2 I pull out of the drawer! Call me crazy, I need to wear them at home, too, for this past winter was really cold. No one would mine if the socks aren't the same color. A pair can be two things SIMILAR. I usually wear my hand-knitted socks when I go out. Who knows, I might wear these out some day!

On Your Toe 4 Ply 襪線, 分別打成了 花苞趾起襪, 當作黑玫瑰趾起襪, 特里同, and 愛德華風划船襪. 每一組都有剩 25~30 克不等的線, 只夠打一隻短襪. 就這樣決定把它們都拿來打妙麗日常襪, 每次就穿隨手抓出來的兩隻吧! 很瘋狂是嗎? 這個冬天太冷了, 在家也要穿毛襪 (通常我的毛襪是出門時才穿). 誰會注意兩隻襪不同顏色呢? 再說, 一雙本來就可以不需要一模一樣啊! 誰曉得, 搞不好哪一天我就給她穿出門!

Eye of Partridge Heel with Garter Edge

Knitted 38 rows for the heel flap and picked up 20 stitches. They fit so much better. The stitch pattern on my ankle isn't distorted by stretching. I'm so happy!

腳跟打了 38 排, 挑 20 針. 腳跟加長後穿起來真的有差, 舒服多了. 而且腳踝上方的模樣不會因為緊而被拉扯得變形. 真開心!

I ran out of yarn, a few rows before toe-grafting, so I used some from another colorway to make up.

第一隻打到腳趾縫接前幾排沒線了, 拿另一組來補.

As for this colorway, I had less yarn, so it ran out much earlier, and I used some yellow fingering weight merino to finish the forefoot. Was going to combine a carrot color lace with it to mute the bright yellow and give the substitute yarn a more cohesive color tone. But eventually I scratched the idea. The color combo actually resulted better than I thought.

第二隻這組線本來就比較少, 打到腳前半就沒線了, 拿恒源祥黃色細線來補. 本想多拉一條橘色蕾絲線, 柔和亮黃, 也讓補的線色調較接近原線, 但最後作罷. 結果還不錯, 沒樣我想得那樣醜.

Now off to knit more Hermione's Everyday Sock!

好了, 要繼續織第三織襪了!