Béret Généreux 大方配色貝雷帽

Beret Genereux was the 2011 4th KAL for Taiwan Knit Along.

I With the permission of Isabelle Allard, had the beret in mind for quite while, but never got to pick up the needles and yarn. Even when I was helping on the translation, doubt was still lingering in here about whether or not I would knit it.

This was the first project I made after the four-month stop on knitting. And I ended up knitting two berets. One for Sebastian and one for Scarlett.

It's not my first stranded knitting, but I had always had a problem with the yarn float. Since the pattern called for worsted weight yarn, I figured it might also be a good project to destash all those fingering weight yarn I have. An off-white merino fingering was used double-stranded to pair with a blue jean/various colors variegated sport-dk weight wool yarn.

It was really interesting to knit for the brim was corrugated ribs and I tried a new tubular cast on: Tubular Cast On with Judy's Magic Cast On. The colorwork chart was so easy to follow that it took only one night and one morning to finish!

After a successful stranded come-back knitting, I cast on for a second beret, pairing the same off-white merino fingering double stranded with the same type of sport-dk weight wool yarn, but in magenta/various colors variegated.

The first beret was knitted during a weekend, but the second had to span into the week, but still, it just  took two more nights after work and dinner & etc to finish.

Scarlett and Sebastian were impressed by the colorwork! And I have yet to take pictures with S&S wearing them!