Yasmine Shawl Version Test Knitting 雅思敏蕾絲披肩版測織

Test knitting Yasmine by Marie-Adeline Boyer in shawl version with Malabrigo Lace Merino in Emerald. Yasmine shawl weights about 40g and measures approximately 160 cm wide and 70 cm long.

I gave myself two weeks to test knit Yasmine. For the scarf/sock yarn version that is. Since I finished it in two days, I couldn't help but also test knit the shawl/lace weight version, which was completed equally fast.

I am in LOVE with this pattern. It is really an easy knit. The design is so pure and simple and yet elegant and sophisticated. After knitting both scarf and shawl version with two very different yarn, it is needless to say that Yasmine is the most versatile accessory for this fall/winter.  Should I say more? Want a Yasmine, or maybe two, anyone?

Now, some pics of me with my dear Yasmine, just to let you know what a marvel this is. I know I need to get outdoors and take some real pictures with my face visible, but before that please bear with these self-taken crappy pics a little longer!

Please look out for the publishing of Yasmine pattern on Marie-Adeline's Ravelry page. Besides Yasmine, we will be seeing more of Marie-Adeline's designs very soon!