Sur un petit nuage pour moi 我的小小雲端上

Sur un petit nuage by Marie-Adeline Boyer
Malabrigo Yarm Lace in Tuareg
4 mm circular needles
2011/10/20 ~ 23

This SUPN is for me. I've knitted another one about a year ago for Christmas Exchange for a  friend using the exactly same color of yarn but with a smaller needle and used exactly one skein of yarn. This one, I followed every word in the pattern and only used 70% of a skein. A smaller shawl, a nice scarf. Perfect for me!

這條小小雲端上是打給自己的. 去年一個聖誕交換活動中打過一條給朋友. 那時也是用同一款線, 同一個顏色, 不過小一號針, 且把整絞蕾絲線通通用上. 這一條完全照織圖的指示打, 只用了 70% 絞. 因此, 是條比較小的披肩, 比較像圍巾, 很適合我.

I've always loved Marie-Adeline's designs. And I love this scarf, this yarn, this color, and above all, I love wearing it!

我一直都很喜歡 Marie-Adeline 設計的東西. 我喜歡這條蕾絲圍巾, 喜歡這款線, 喜歡這個顏色, 重點是我很喜歡圍小小雲端上!

I especially like to pair it with my leather jacket! Bisou a MA!

尤其我喜歡把它拿來配皮衣! 給 MA 親一個!