Holden Shawlette 霍爾登小披肩

Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes
Malabrigo Yarn Lace in Azul Profundo
4 mm circular needles
2011/10/23 ~ 26

I have been wanting to knit Holden since it was published, but somehow never got to do it. After knitting four Marie-Adeline shawlette, I couldn't seem to be able to stop, so I went on knitting Holden. 

自霍爾登被發表後就一直很想打, 但說也奇怪卻從來沒去打. 連打四條 MA 小披肩後手停不下來, 終於把或爾登也打了.

It's the edging that attracted my attention in the first place. Didn't do a nice blocking the first time. I was blocking four shawls at the same time and ran out of pins. Didn't pin every picot. Should do that to fully show the beauty of Holden.

就是這個豆豆邊引起我的注意. 定型的時候沒定好. 當時同時定型四條披肩大頭針不夠, 沒辦法每個豆豆都用一針去拉. 要霍爾登充分展現她的魅力記得每個豆豆都要一隻針去拉喔!