Twisted Rib Neckwarmer 扭羅紋脖圍


Twisted Rib Neckwarmer by Michelle Johnston
Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino Print Superfein in 766 (blue-green-gray variegated)
4.5 mm circular needles
2011/11/13 ~ 20


Besides tam and mittens, my aunt also commissioned me a scarf for Dolly. The scarves she knitted wasn't thick enough. Dolly felt that they weren't warm enough for she walks 30 minutes to class everyday. After a discussion with my aunt, I decided to knit a cowl for her.

除了帽子和手套外, 阿姨還託我打條圍巾給表妹. 因為她打的那幾條都不夠厚, 表妹走路走半小時去上課, 有點凍不住. 經過討論, 決定打條脖圍給她.

Unlike the tam and mittens, I spent days searching for the cowl pattern and eventually came down to three: Stockholm, Twisted Rib Neckwarmer and a third whose name I can't recall. Dolly and my aunt liked TRN while I recommended Stockholm. But Dolly is the receiver of the cowl so I have to knit what she likes.

脖圍的織圖花了我好幾天時間, 最後篩選成三個: 斯德哥爾摩, 扭羅文, 還有一個忘記叫啥名字. 阿姨表妹都喜歡扭羅文, 我是推薦斯德哥爾摩. 不過畢竟表妹是最後要帶的人, 還是要打她喜歡的樣子.

After finishing the Fugue set, I went yarn shopping again for the cowl. Since I had a great experience knitting with Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino Superfein, and I knew the LYS carries variegated ones, so I thought I should give it a try. This colorway immediately caught my eyes, and very fortunately it is consisted of the colors Dolly likes. Although I wanted to knit a wider cowl for more coverage and easy wearing, I only bought 3 balls according to the pattern, and would like to see how it would go before deciding how many more I would need. In the end, I bought 1 additional ball, and used up all 4 on the cowl.

打完賦格後, 我又去買毛線. 打賦格用的 Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino Superfein 感覺很不錯, 還有賣段染的, 就想說來試試看. 第一眼就看上這個顏色組合, 剛好都是表妹喜歡的藍綠灰. 一開始已經計畫好要打一條高一點的脖圍, 覆蓋性比較好, 但是我還是照織圖說明先買了 3 球, 先打下去在看最後要再加買多少線. 最後只加買了 1 球, 且 4 球通通都用上了.

I actually like to wear it like this indoor.


Dolly with TRN. It's barely visible though for she didn't turn on the light. Her roommate was still asleep.

表妹圍扭羅文脖圍. 幾乎看不見因為她沒開燈. 室友還在睡覺.

 When I finished TRN it was very already very cold in Japan, so I sent the Fugue set and TRN via airmail, along with Dolly's favorite chocolate.

扭羅文脖圍打好時日本已經很冷了, 我就把賦格帽, 賦格手套和紐羅文脖唯一起空運去東京給表妹. 還有幾盒她最愛的巧克力.