Knittings in 2012 (1/2) 2012 年的編織 (1/2)

It's been way too long since the last update. Over a year and a half.
真的是太久沒更新部落格了. 超過一年半沒動.

Yes, I'm still knitting, although only in the cooler/colder months, and I have been suffering the knitting fatigue during the warm/hot months, which is long here in Taiwan, especially this year. We have a record high of 39.3C in Taipei. The whole city is HOTHOTHOT with consecutive weeks of 35C+ without the usual summer afternoon thunder storms or typhoons that frequent the island from June to September.
還是有在打毛線, 只是都是天氣涼時打, 熱天就不打, 這兩年編織倦怠嚴重, 尤其今年. 台北都創紀錄到了39.3度. 連續高溫數週, 整個盆地烤得熱烘烘的, 既沒午後雷陣雨也沒颱風. 在冷氣房打毛線也提不起勁.

After checking out my Ravelry page,  actually, I've been knitting a LOT. All small projects though. Considering the period length and the number, I would still say it was quite amazing.
看了自己 R 站的紀錄發現, 其實去年我還打蠻多東西的, 雖然通通都是小物. 但以打的時間來看打的數量, 算不錯的.

I've decided to post a series of photo collections of my FOs of 2012 and showing them in chronological order (roughly).
我把 2012 年的成品照片通通拼圖起來, 比較容易秀. 照大約的編織時間順序.

Knitted 3 more Fugues after the first gray one for my cousin who was studying in Japan. Made 1 each for Scarlett & Sebastian and Tina (red).
第一頂給旅日表妹的灰賦格之後, 又打了三頂. 兩小每人各一頂, 一頂紅色的給緹.

Then, I participated in Liz Abinante's the Great Cowl KAL. #1 Flurries Cowl. I like the idea of this cowl but used the wrong yarn. Should use proper fingering weight yarn instead of trying to destash and use lace weight doubled. The yarn was alpaca and silk blend, which made the FO a bit too soft with no construction.
然後, 我加入了 Liz Abinante 的 the Great Cowl KAL  大脖圍群編. 大是指總共有 5 個脖圍可打, 織圖依序釋出, 下一次出來上一個就撤掉. 第一個脖圍織圖免費. 不需要每個都打, 但如果每一個脖圍都在規定時間內打完並上傳照片, 就可以免費拿到下一個脖圍織圖. 我並不是 5 個都喜歡, 最喜歡的是第 3 和第 5, 1 和 2 不錯, 可有可無. 所以, 為了那兩個最喜歡的, 前面要努力打. #1: 一團混亂脖圍. 叫這個名字是因為設計師住在冬天又長又冷的芝加哥, 天冷出門脖子一定要圍起來, 但一進地鐵站暖氣又熱得可以把人悶熟, 圍一般圍巾披肩的話, 進出地鐵就是一團混亂地圍上或解開, 很煩人. 這款脖圍有扣子, 可以調節鬆緊度, 也可以拉過頭當帽子擋風. 我還算喜歡這個設計, 只是線用錯了, 不該拉兩條蕾絲段染線打, 應該乖乖用 fingering weight 來織. 還有, 蕾絲線是羊駝和絲, 很軟, 導致最後成品太塌, 不成型的感覺.
Flurries Cowl
Start date: 2012/1/31
Finish date: 2012/2/3

#2 A Very Good Cowl Indeed. I like this one. It is Sebastian who is wearing it now though. The only one thing I would say about this cowl is that I might like it better if the front could be a little longer to cover the center part of the clavicle.
第 2 個: 真是條好脖圍. 我喜歡這條. 現在是兒子在戴. 對這條脖圍唯一可說的就是, 希望前面可以長一點, 剛好蓋到鎖骨中間那塊, 冬天那裡吹到風會咳嗽.
A Very Good Cowl Indeed
Start date: 2012/2/11
Finish date: 2012/2/12
Yes, finished in a day. 是啊, 一天就打完了.

#3 Weeble Wooble Cowl. I love the undulating design. Used fingering weight yarn but turned out kind of a disaster. Tosh Merino Light did not do well in this pattern. It rolled up too much on the edge, compromised the width and the undulating design, and made wearing it a nightmare. Should knit this again with other yarn.
第三個: 搖來晃去脖圍. 我喜歡這條下擺波浪狀的設計, 套圍起來會有特別的造型. 我乖乖用 fingering weight 線打, 但結果很不好. Tosh Merino Light 不適合這個織圖. 打完後邊捲得太厲害, 導致整條脖圍捲起來變很窄, 下擺波浪不顯型, 套圍後更難看. 下次要用別種線打這條.

Weeble Wobble Cowl
Start date: 2012/2/17
Finish date: 2012/2/19

 #4 Perpetually Persistent Cowl. As I was trying to destash, and trying to get the same gauge, the cowl was knitted with 6 strands of worsted weight merino. It was a nightmare to handle 6 strands as the knitting was springy and tough. Really persistent. And heavy. So I had to shorten the length. 2 repeats and omitted rows 9-12 of the first. It's my least favorite cowl, for the yarn. At least here in Taiwan, knittings with too heavy a yarn is not practical: too warm. Besides, this cowl has the same issue with #2: wish the front is a little longer. But I guess because my yarn wasn't optimal, a suitable yarn should make this cowl stands up on its own, as its name, but also soft enough to be sculpted, to be pulled a little longer in the front to cover the clavicle.
#4 永遠執著的脖圍. 當時我正努力消庫存線, 又想要鬆緊度和織圖一樣, 拉了 6 條中粗線打. 有夠難織的. 因為美麗諾線很 Q, 打起來真的很難抓緊, 織片又蠻硬的. 真的是超執著的, 又好重. 所以我還把長度縮短了點, 只打兩個重複, 且第一個重複的 9 到 12 排沒打. 5 個脖圍中我最不喜歡這個. 一是台灣冬天不適合這麼粗的現打的東西, 不夠冷, 穿戴起來會熱死. 二是和 #2 脖圍同樣的問題, 我希望前面可以長一點. 不過因為我用的線不適合, 也許對的線不但可以讓脖圍自己如其名站得起來, 同時彈性也夠可以把前面拉長一點蓋住鎖骨中間.
Perpetually Persistent Cowl
Start date: 2012/1/31
Finish date: 2012/2/3

#5 Blueberry Scowl. This is my favorite one. I didn't have the best yarn I have in mind and I had to order online. But I needed to finish this one on time so that I could  received the 6th cowl pattern, which is free for those who knitted all 5 cowls and posted pics before designated time. I have worked so hard for this one, whether I wasn't very into the pattern, or I was not using the best yarn for the cowl, I endured it. I had this heather alpaca yarn in stash, so I decided to knit it for E. Still have to finish this on time to get the 6th pattern! And my perfect yarn needs time to get here. This scowl simply has a variety of ways to be worn: as a cowl (buttoned) or as a scarf (unbuttoned). I spent almost an hour over which buttons to choose in the button shop. As a cowl you can wear it untwisted, twist once or twice. There were leftovers from this scowl and I made a pair of fingerless mitts for E so that she could wear them together.
#5 藍莓脖圍圍巾. 脖圍 cowl, 圍巾 scarf, scowl = scarf + cowl --> 脖圍圍巾. 叫藍莓只是原作用的線是藍莓色. 除非找到相近的顏色, 或是用同組線並同款色, 其他的都不能叫藍莓吧? 這是我最喜歡的一條. 為了這條, 前面四條不管是設計不很愛, 或是用庫存中不是很適合的現打得很痛苦, 都忍住. 當時手上沒有心目中想要的線, 只好上網訂, 但這最後一個脖圍期限內完成上傳照片, 我又五條都打, 設計師會再送一條脖圍織圖. 為了要那第 6 個織圖, 就先拿手上有的這組羊駝線, 打給 E, 她一定會喜歡. 這條的設計可以扣上釦子當脖圍, 解開時可直接掛脖子上不怕掉. 或打開釦子當圍巾. 當脖圍時可直接掛, 或套圍一圈兩圈都可. 為了這條送給 E 的脖圍, 選釦子選了快一小時. 打完還有剩線, 後來又織了雙露指手套給 E 讓她可以和脖圍配成套.
 Blueberry Scowl
Start date: 2012/3/10
Finish date: 2012/3/16

My ideal yarn came later and I knitted one for myself.
訂的理想線後來才到, 這是織給自己的.
Blueberry Scowl
Start date: 2012/3/22
Finish date: 2012/3/27

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