Knittings in 2012 (2/2) 2012 的編織 (2/2)

I usually knit something for my mom for Mother's Day and her birthday. As I was so obsessed with Color Affection by Veera Välimäki, I decided to knit as many as I can for my mom, my aunt, and myself.
通常我會打一件東西給老媽當母親節和生日禮物. 當時我很著迷 Veera Välimäki 的 Color Affection, 決定要打很多條, 給老媽給阿姨給自己, 打到吐為止.

The colors chosen were brights, something my mom didn't have, and I thought she would appreciate that. She did. She wore this a lot.
這條披肩故意選亮色, 因為老媽沒有這樣的顏色組合, 應該會喜歡. 果然. 一整個秋冬都是披它.
 Color Affection
Start date: 2012/4/8
Finish date: 2012/5/10

I spent more time on this shawl then I expected. Actually, I finished it but almost ripped and started over right away for (1) I didn't like how I did with the first stitch. It was too tight. I was knitting Color Affection for my aunt and applied another way and it was good. So I decided to re-knit my mom's (2) I didn't have enough yarn for bind off the second time. The cast off edge was tight and ugly. Very mad about it. Bought more yarn, undo the cast off and re-cast off. All good.
老媽這條我花了比預期多很多的時間. 事實上, 我是打了兩次. 原因是 (1) 我不喜歡第一次頭上一針的處理方式. 太緊. 那時已經在打阿姨的, 用的是另一種處理方式, 效果很好, 所以又把老媽的拆掉重打, 變成兩條同時進行, 又要趕母親節前, 手都快抽筋了 (2) 第二次打的時候線不太夠, 收針的地方太緊, 很醜, 看了很不爽. 乖乖去買線, 拆開重收. 好多了.

Bright blues, teals & turquoises are my aunt's favorites. I've knitted her quite a few items in those colors over the years. Since I'm knitting her something for Mother's Day, I went for another direction in color choosing: bright pink and orange.
阿姨最喜歡亮麗的藍綠色系, 以前也打過幾件這種色系的, 這次就要選一個完全不同的亮粉紅和亮橘.
  Color Affection
Start date: 2012/4/16
Finish date: 2012/4/28

After Mother's Day gifts were finished, I had to resume working on my mom's birthday shawl. I've been wanting to knit Rock Island, but never could quite decide what lace yarn to use. I wanted a real lace weight yarn so that I wouldn't have to struggle should I have to frog a little, but ordering yarn is a nasty business, and with all that lace yarn stash I have, I really shouldn't be ordering new yarns. So I picked a cocoa colored cobweb for the project. I was very, very careful when I knit, so that I wouldn't have to frog too much or too often. I had luck on that. BUT, the construction of the shawl was special, my first time knitting a shawl like that. The lace edge was actually knitted first, and then pick up stitches on the side and then knit across decreasing the way to the center top. Theoretically, it should be getting easier and easier while knitting, but no, it was really taxing. The FO was really beautiful. Ethereal. My mom LOVED it. She wore it right away the next day while meeting her friends.
母親節禮物完成後, 還不能休息, 得馬上繼續打老媽的生日禮物. Rock Island 披肩想打很久了, 是要付費的織圖. 當初看了沒買圖打, 是因為不能決定要用什麼線. 應該要用規規矩矩的蕾絲線, 那又要上網買, 明明一大箱的蕾絲線, 只是很多都是標準蕾絲線一半粗細的蜘蛛網紗...  實在不應該再上網買, 最後選了一組可可色的蜘蛛網紗來打. 這下可好, 打的時候得非常小心, 最好不要拆或退針. 這點這次很幸運, 沒怎麼拆或退針, 到是這條披肩的打法很累人. 第一次打這樣的. 下擺的蕾絲邊先打一條長長長的, 然後再從旁邊挑針起來打中間, 邊打邊減針到披肩上緣中間. 照理說這應該是越打越輕鬆, 其實是越打越累. 不過, 成品很美, 很輕盈, 老媽很愛. 第二天飯局就穿出去了.
  Rock Island
Start date: 2012/3/17
Finish date: 2012/5/23

At this point of the year, my knitting fatigue should had kicked in, but still I managed to crochet 2 bunnies, for they are too cute not to make. Sadly, my crochet technique is really bad, so the bunnies aren't as cute as they should be.
在這個時間點, 老媽生日過後, 天氣熱了, 我的編織倦怠也要發了, 不過, 還是鈎了兩隻兔子給兩小, 因為原作實在太可愛啦! 只可惜我的鈎針功力不夠, 小兔子們沒有我想要的可愛. 兩小到是愛得很, 天天抱著睡覺.
  Boxy Skirt/Shorts Bunny
Start date: 2012/6/30
Finish date: 2012/7/8

And then there was a hiatus until October. Before the end of the year, I made 6 pairs of fingerless mitts: 4 Cute as a Button, 1 Susie's Reading Mitts, and 1 Camp Out Fingerless Mitts.
然後就休針到十月. 年底前打了 6 雙露指手套: 4 雙可愛豆豆露指手到, 1 雙閱讀露指手套, 1 雙露營露指手套.

Also made more than a dozen hats. Some of them I didn't take pictures for most of them were commissioned: 3 Gwen Stacey, 1 Regina, 5+ One Day Berets, 1 Godric's Hollow, 3 Knit Night Hats.
打了超過 12 頂帽子. 有的還沒拍照, 因大部分都是人家託織的, 趕著給人呢: 3 頂關史黛西, 1 頂蕾吉娜, 5+ 頂一日貝雷, 1 頂高錐客洞, 3 頂編織夜.

2 pairs of leg warmers. Only took Scarlett's picture, mine hasn't been photographed, they're dark gray in the same pattern.
2 雙襪套, 只拍了若的, 我的沒拍, 是雙深灰色同花樣的.
 Some Cloudy Day
Start date: 2012/12/5
Finish date: 2012/12/7

Last but not least, 10 pairs of socks: Hermione's Everyday Sock (aunt), By the Seine (mom & K & me), Hedera (mom), Monkey (mom), Maelstrom (mom), Lateral (mom & me), Vanilla Latte (mom, not photographed).
最後是 10 雙襪子: 妙麗日常襪 (阿姨), 塞納河畔 (媽, K, 我), 赫德拉 (媽), 漩渦 (媽), 側邊 (媽 & 我), 香草拿鐵 (媽, 還沒拍照).

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