17 Months 17個月


I cannot believe it's been 17 months since my last post.
最後一篇格文竟然是 17 個月前的事了.



Guess it was partly because of a sudden shifting of activities onto Facebook. Margaret and I decided to move TKA (Taiwan Knit Along) to Facebook, creating a fanpage and a group. Since Margaret lives in Canada, I, who live in Taiwan, would have to pick up the gauntlet, right?
大概是為 TKA 在 2012 年暑假後從 Blogger 搬到 Facebook 的關係. 瑪姊和我決定搬家是因為大部分織女都在 FB 紀錄自己的編織活動. 搬到社群網站, 變即時, 當然就是由住在台灣的我來負責處理主要的事項囉.

Anyway, in a chat with my knitter friends during TKA's May meetup, it was mentioned that I've been neglecting my blog way too long and that I shouldn't have it connected to my Facebook page. I defended that the page was created so that Taiwanese knitters, most of whom are intimidated by English reading, can easily follow me on my knitting activities in Chinese without having to translate my blog posts or request to be added to my FB friend list in hopes of a glimpse to my knitting and notes. They dismissed my reply by saying all I had on it were mostly TKA project-related stuff. Well, girls, someone has to knit them and be prepared to all those questions and what not thrown my way. Unless, some of you are willing and available to help like I do ;-)
總之,TKA 五月聚會時, 被人說荒廢部落格多時, 還把格子跟自己的粉絲頁連結在一起, 又沒更新格子, 不好. 我說, 粉絲頁是給台灣織女看的, 畢竟格文都用英文寫 (比較快). 此外, 就是讓 FB 上的織女們不用要求我家她們為朋友, 就可以看到我的編織活動. 不過, 我還是被打槍說,  織的東西都是 TKA 的群織主題. 捧油們, 總是要有人先打好, 才能回答大家的問題吧? 除非, 你們有人自願先開打, 然後來幫忙回答問題 ;)