February Lady Sweater Partially Reknitted 重織部分二月小姐

本來沒有想要重織二月小姐, 原來身上蕾絲部份有 3 個重複織錯, 多織兩段, 以前遠看以為是因為沒有蒸氣定型織片不平, 後來越看越礙眼, 拆掉重織身體蕾絲部分. 身體蕾絲原本有 27 個蕾絲重複, 第 1 個織錯的蕾絲重複是第 5 個, 所以幾乎全拆. 不過還好, 打得算快, 三天就完成. 身體重織後蕾絲重複有 28 個, 打錯的三個重覆有多 6 段的線, 至少可以多打一個蕾絲重複, 最後還有剩線說, 應該打到 29 個...

I wasn't thinking about reknitting some parts of my February Lady. I had mistakes in 3 Gull Lace pattern repeats which I thought weren't visible at a distance but now I found them standing out so I ripped out the Gull Lace part and reknitted it. There were 27 lace pattern repeats and my first mistake was repeat no. 5. So, litterally, yes, I ripped out almost ALL the lace part. I finished reknitting the body part in 3 days, and had enough yarn to knit 1 more repeat, 28 repeats now on my February Lady.

身體重織完, 接著重織袖子下半. 本來我就不喜歡七分袖的毛衣外套, 尤其二月小姐又是用較粗的線打. 再加上二月小姐的袖子沒有減針, 所以衣穿上去袖子下半就會自然呈現喇叭袖的感覺. 原本隻袖子就故意織得比較長, 希望越長它越長. 不過想想覺得即使變長袖口也會變更大, 於是拆掉後面 12 個重複 (原有 26 個重複), 用小一號日規 7 號針 (4.2mm) 來織, 結果效果沒不錯, 袖口小多了.

Then I started to reknitted the lower havles of the sleeves. I'm not a big fan of 3/4 length sleeves cardigans especially those knitted with heavier weight yarns. Besides, the sleeves of February Lady do not have decreases so when wearing the cardigan the lower half of the sleeves will have a bell-shaped effect which I don't like. So I ripped out the last 12 pattern repeats (there were 26) and reknitted with 4.2mm needles (Japanese size 7, February Lady was knitted in 4.5mm Japanese size 8 needles) and I was quite pleased with the result: the sleeves are narrower and not so bell shapey.

最後用蒸氣定型, 定過型的外套比較合穿, 長度也算適中, 重織一些部分是對的!

I steam blocked the cardigan this time and it became more comfortable for wearing, the width, the length are all better. So partial reknitting was a right decision!