Replacing One Mauresque Sock 重織一隻摩爾襪

摩爾襪 (一隻)
開始日期: 2010/4/5
完成日期: 2010/4/7
圖樣: Mauresque Socks by Nicole Masson
線材: Grignasco Bambi Meino Extrafine 芭比細毛線
顏色: #178 粉紅色
針號: 2.25mm (美規 1 號)
尺寸: 美國鞋號 7 號

Mauresque Socks (ONE sock)
Start date: 2010/4/5
Finish date: 2010/4/7
Pattern: Mauresque Socks by Nicole Masson
Yarn: Grignasco Bambi Meino Extrafine
Color色: #178 粉紅色
Needle size: 2.25mm (US 1)
Size: US shoe size 7

去年四月打了一雙摩爾襪, 完成時天氣已熱, 就收起來沒有穿, 去年底寒流來拿出來時, 發現其中一隻襪頭竟然破了一個洞!

Last April I knitted a pair of Mauresque socks, my first cuff-downs. By the time I finished it was getting warm so I put them away until the end of last year when cold fronts hit, I foshed them out only to find that one of the socks has a HOLE at the cuff!

簡直不可思議! 想了想, 依稀記得打第一隻襪頭時, 毛線好像有一段忽然變得很細, 當時沒覺得應該拆掉, 把那段毛線減掉重打, 沒想到打好只穿過一次拍照, 收起來幾個月後竟然就給我斷線破成一個洞!

It's unbelievable! After some recalling, I think I remembered while knitting the cuff the yarn suddenly turned up very thin. I didn't do anything at the time, such as rip out the sock, cut away the yarn and start again. Who knows that after wearing it once for taking FO pics and storing it for several months, it comes up with a gaping hole.

最近剛好不是很想打甚麼打的複雜的東西, 就來重織一隻襪. 這次織感覺比第一次簡單容易許多, 頗有趣!

I wasn't up to knitting anything too ambitious recently so I decided to knit a new sock to replace it. It was quite simple and easy this time than the last!