Sur un petit nuage 在小小雲端上

Malabrigo Lace Merino in Tuareg Malabrigo美麗諾蕾絲線(顏色)圖瓦雷克

First off, I'd like to say something about the yarn color. None of these photos are true to it. It's really hard to capture on camera. Maybe the yarn skein photo is closer but the actual color is much deeper and has a little more indigo hue. Tuareg is a beautiful and fascinating color, and I hope the receiver of this shawlette/scarf will appreciate it as much as I do.

首先, 關於毛線的顏色. 這裡的照片沒有一張是實際顏色. 這顏色很難拍. 大概只有毛線絞這張算接近. 但實品顏色深很多, 且帶點靛藍. 圖瓦雷克是個很漂亮且很迷人的顏色. 希望小披肩的主人會跟我一樣喜歡這個顏色.

The actual color is like Indigo Dye, with the following coordinates:
Hex triplet #00416A
RGB (0, 65, 106)
HSV (203°, 100%, 42%)

網頁顏色 #1A5798
RGB (0, 65, 106)
HSV (203°, 100%, 42%)

Some info on Tuareg People (quoted from Wikipedia)

The Tuareg (also Twareg or Touareg, Berber: Imuhagh, besides regional ethnyms) are a Berber nomadic pastoralist people. They are the principal inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa.

The Tuareg are sometimes called the "Blue People" because the indigo pigment in the cloth of their traditional robes and turbans stained their skin dark blue. Today, the traditional indigo turban is still preferred for celebrations, and generally Tuaregs wear clothing and turbans in a variety of colors.

關於圖瓦雷克人 (轉貼自維基百科)


圖瓦雷克是一個母系社會(matrilineal)的民族,但並非母權社會(matriarchal)。雖然主要是信奉伊斯蘭教, 但是迥異於其他伊斯蘭文化,圖瓦雷克並沒有女性需要蒙面的傳統,相反的在圖瓦雷克社會中,年滿25歲的男性才需要配戴面紗。圖瓦雷克的男性傳統上佩帶著5 公尺長的藍紫色面紗,稱為Tagelmust,根據他們的信仰認為這面紗能替其阻擋所有的邪靈,因此縱使在女性家人的面前也不能拿下,但一般認為,佩帶面 紗的傳統應該是起因於為了抵禦沙漠地區強大的風暴。由於深藍色面紗對於該民族的重要,使得其間接也變成圖瓦雷克民族的識別象徵,而往往又被稱為「沙漠中的藍人」。

Here are some links to photos that presents the color more closely to the yarn:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

照片 1
照片 2
照片 3

Now, about Sur un petit nuage. It's a lovely lace shawl designed by Marie-Adeline Boyer. She herself made several of it in all sizes and different weights of yarn. One can easily adapt the pattern according to her liking: scarf, shawlette, shawl, big shawl etc. The lace patterns are easy to memorize. Le nuage - the feather and fan pattern is classic and one of my favorites and I'm never tired of it!

關於小小雲端上, 是 Marie-Adeline Boyer 設計的蕾絲披肩. 她自己用不同粗細的線打了好幾條不同尺寸的披肩. 編織者可以把織圖依自己的喜好打成想要的大小. 蕾絲模樣也很容易記, 雲的模樣 - 羽扇模樣是我最喜歡的蕾絲模樣之一呢!

A couple of months ago, Mary had an idea and suggested that we have a Christmas Gift Exchange. It wasn't specific to knitting, but looks like in the end, is it! People in this little circle of ours are all knitters. Actually, I was the one who said I would knit a shawlette/scarf for whoever draws up my name, but she had to wait a little longer for I couldn't make it before Christmas. So, the schedule was postponed until Chinese New Year.

去年某月瑪莉小姐起意說來個聖誕禮物交換. 這本只是禮物交換, 不過到了最後似乎變成編織品交換啦! 因為參加交換的這些人都是織女嘛! 其是, 是我先講自己要手作, 但聖誕節前是來不及完成的, 請抽到我的禮物的人等一下. 後來就變成過年前交換.

I already had specifics in mind that it would be either Holden, Echo Flower or Sur un petit nuage. After we made the draw and knew my recipient was wenzi, the decision was made immediately: Sur un petit nuage. And to fulfill her preference of the color blue, I have several blue lace yarns to choose from in the stash.

當時心裡已經想到要不是打霍爾登, 艾蔻花, 再不然就是小小雲端上. 抽籤結果出來知道是蚊子抽到我的禮物, 當下就決定打小小雲端上. 且庫存中有不少蚊子喜歡的藍色蕾絲線可供挑選.

The shawlette was intended to be a one skein project, a very practical accessory in this abnormally cold winter we're having here in Taiwan. Having a scarf in mind, I knitted the little hearts according to the scarf sizing in the pattern (8 repeats) and than started the cloud pattern.

一開始就設定好尺寸是小披肩/圍巾, 非常適合現在天氣異常冷得不得了的台灣, 更適合怕冷的蚊子! 因為設定是圍巾, 所以照織圖打了八個重複的愛心模樣, 然後開始雲模樣.

Like Spring Tulips Stole, I knitted with 3.25mm needles. I didn't want to at first for the last time I used 3.25mm with Malabrigo Lace Merino, it resulted in quite a tight knit lace. I did try with 3.5mm but oddly the lace was too loose and the heart pattern kind of broke down.

和春之鬱金香一樣, 我用 3.25mm 的打. 本來不想因為上次用 3.25mm 打 Malabrigo 蕾絲線結果蕾絲花太緊. 我有用 3.5mm 去測織, 很奇怪地蕾絲花比 3.25mm 織出來差很大, 小愛心的模樣一整個散掉, 根本看不出來是甚麼東西.

Not until I finished the repeats for scarf on the feather and fan pattern did I find the yarn left was plenty. So I kept on knitting f&f and regretted knitting too little repeats of the little hearts. When I BO after the 3rd f&f repeat on chart E 4th time, I have absolutely no yarn left. Seriously. All used up. There wasn't even much of a yarn tail to weave in (about 1cm)!

一直等到打完圍金大小的雲模樣重複數次數後, 發現線還剩很多, 於是, 繼續打雲模樣然後心裡邊抱怨早知道小愛心就打披肩尺寸的十二重複. 最後, 雲模樣打到表 E 第四次中第三次雲重複後收針. 一點線都沒剩. 真的. 根本沒甚麼線頭可收 (約一公分而已).

Blocking this shawlette was a little tricky. The undulating f&f couldn't be pulled into spikey points, so I had to lightly fan-pin out the fans and after a while when it's half dry but still a little damp, unpin and smooth them out. I stood the blocking mat against the wall to let gravity and moisture pull down the fans for me.

定型小披肩還有點傷腦筋, 因為羽扇模樣的邊是波浪狀, 不能定成尖角, 所以我先把扇形部分用幾枝針撐開, 待半乾時把針拆掉, 撫平整順扇形邊, 然後把定型的 EVA 墊立起來靠牆站, 讓水分和地心引力幫忙把扇形拉出來.

Little hearts on the cloud 心在雲端上