Honey Cowl 甜蜜蜜頸圍

Remember I said about posting 1 of the 3 projects that were on going at the same time? Well, no more sneakpeeks for it is already finished: the Honey Cowl.

I've been eyeing this cowl for such a long time. I had the yarn, too. I was procrastinating. Until that little knit along group of ours decided on this as February's KAL. After making sure I really have the right weight and enough quantity to make the long version, I fished it out of my great aunt's camphor chest, cast on, and knitted away.

It was a quick knit. Really. I finished it in a little over 2 days, in little slots of time of waiting for the twins to finish breakfast, during lunch break, waiting for the twins to finish dinner, and after the kids finally go to bed/TV episode time with DH.

OK, maybe a few stitches in my cubicle. FINE, actually I bound off in the office. So in love with the FO and so satisfied with the result, although a few inches wider would be even better, but I only have 1.6 of Malabrigo Worsted Merino.

As I rolled the cowl up I was shocked: just spotted a dropped stitch!!
I HAD to rip. Unfortunately, the dropped stitch situated at about the first 1/3 of the width. Rip. So upset with it, I started reknitting right there in the office cubicle and managed to knit enough wide, a few rows before BO. That night I finished the cowl, AGAIN, binding off the stitches but found the leftover a bit too much. Another visit to the frog pond, well, a very brief one. Knitted 1 more row and FINALLY I can bind off.

Maybe the Malabrigo knew I love it so much so it managed to make me confused during knitting so that I have to go to the pond a couple of times, prolonging knitting time, e.g. spending more time fondling the yarn.

The cowl measures 44 inches around and approximately 10 inches wide. It would be better if I had more yarn to make it 12 inches wide. I love this cowl, or should I say, this yarn, so much that I practicallly slept with it wrapped around my neck!

OK, ok, I know the pics are awful. I promise you that I've already clean the mirror and I WILL improve my poses. It's just not very easy for me to take pictures of the FO on me at the same time trying to leave my tree trunk like legs and my face out of the them!

Sneakpeek 偷看