Cookie A Socks Cookie A 設計的襪子

Although it seems almost impossible but I have been abandoning my blog for six months!! Actually, I've been also kind of abandoning my knitting for about four months, only occasionally I continued to knit Mandala II for my aunt.

Before I went on a hiatus on updating the blog, I actually had three pairs of socks done, all of them were Cookie A's design: Hedera, Pomatomus and Marlene. And all of them were knitted with Knit Picks' yarn: Stroll and Stroll Tonal.

Marlene was the last project I worked on before the four-month break from knitting, but I still have to take pictures of them.

So, here they are: Hedera in Knit Picks Stroll Burgundy

The leg length was shortened, shorter than I used to like, for after wearing and washing the socks grow....

These are Pomatomus in Knit Picks Stroll Tidepool Heather:

Knit Picks Stroll are quite nice to work with. Stroll Tonal's even better! Really nice quality and equally nice price!