6 Shawls in 3 Weeks 三星期六條披肩

From left to right: Swallowtail, Holden, Sur un petit nuage, Yasmine (shawl), Yasmine (scarf), Alice.

左到右: 燕尾, 霍爾登, 小小雲端上, 雅思敏 (披肩), 雅思敏 (圍巾), 愛麗絲.

After Swallowtail, I finally felt I could use a break. And when I look up I realized that I've knitted SIX shawls in... what?... THREE weeks?!

打完燕尾後, 終於覺得想要休息了, 然後赫然發現自己在三星期內打了六條披肩?!

Seriously, I didn't rush-knit any one of them. I just knitted, finished, went on to the next and so on... couldn't stop!

我沒有趕工打任何一條. 就是打一條, 完成後再接著打下一條... 就停不下來啦!