Stockholm Scarf 斯德哥爾摩脖圍


Stockholm Scarf by knittedblissJC
Lana Grossa Alta Moda Alpaca in 022 medium heather gray
5.5 mm & 6 mm circular needles
2011/11/16 ~ 27

While shopping yarn for Fugue and Twisted Rid Neckwarmer, I spotted this alpaca yarn that is so warm and lofty, although it costs a lot but I really want to try it out. That was also why I recommended Stockholm Scarf to my aunt and Dolly in the first place. Actually, I bought 3 balls of this Lana Grossa Alta Moda Alpaca in medium heather gray along with the merino for TRN. I decided to knit Stockholm anyway. And I would let Dolly decide if she likes it or not. If she likes it she can have it, if not, I will keep it!

買要打賦格和紐羅文脖圍的毛線時, 有瞄到一組駝羊毛的線, 看起來又輕又暖, 值趕超讚但貴鬆鬆的線, 很想買來試. 這也是當初我會推斯德哥爾摩脖圍的原因之一.  而且在買扭羅文脖圍要用得線時, 就買了 3 球這線, 打定主意就是要打斯德哥爾摩. 打好後如果表妹喜歡, 就給她, 如果不喜歡, 就我自己留著囉!

Working with larger needle and the airy cable-tube construction yarn slowed me down a little. But I totally enjoyed knitting it. In November Taipei was still quite warm, and when Stockholm grew wider and wider, my lap felt warmer and warmer. Even my hands got extremely warm knitting it.

這條脖圍用得針碼比較大, 且這組線比較特別, 是空心管繩索狀, 打起來比較慢, 但是這線高即打起來感覺超讚. 十一月的台北天氣還不冷, 脖圍越織越大的時候我的腿也越來越熱, 因為駝羊毛真的很暖, 連手都熱呼呼.

Me trying on Stockholm Scarf and fooling around a bit.


Dolly wearing Stockholm Scarf. She said since January she was wearing Stockholm for it is one of the coldest months in Japan, and that it is very, very warm!

表妹圍斯德哥爾摩脖圍. 她說年底後她都一直圍斯德哥爾摩, 因為一二月才是日本最冷的時候, 而且斯德哥爾摩超暖的!