Toasty 暖烘烘


Toasty by Leslie Friend
Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino Superfein in 412 (medium heather gray)
3.25 mm needles
2011/12/2 ~ 5

Dolly was quite content with the Fugue set and the Twisted Rib Cowl but there was only one tiny problem: she couldn't touch her iPhone screen with the mitts on. So, a pair of fingerless mitts were to be knitted. Knowing Dolly, a simple stylish design will do, hence, Toasty. Well, she did mention my Toasty during the conversation. They were knitted with the Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino Superfein leftover from the Fugue set. The amount was just right for a pair of Toasty.

表妹對賦格帽, 賦格手套和扭羅文脖圍很滿意, 一直說好漂亮好漂亮, 但是有一個小問題: 戴了手套就沒辦法用 iPhone. 於是, 要打一雙露指手套. 我知道表妹喜歡簡單有型的款式, 所以就暖烘烘手套囉! 其實, 表妹是有提到我的那雙暖烘烘啦! 打賦格帽和賦格手套剩下的中灰色線, 剛好打一雙暖烘烘, 一點都不浪費!