Empire State 帝國配色頸圍 (TKA 2013-09)

The first knit along since TKA's move to facebook.
TKA 搬到臉書後第一個群織活動.

Empire State by Jill Zielinski
Start date: 2013/9/28
 Finish date:  2013/11/3

Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000 Melange (sport) #101 Heather Pine Green 5 balls
 Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino 2000 (sport)  #432 Ivory 5 balls
   Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino Superfein 50克/160公尺 合太線
#101 夾花松綠 & #432 象牙白   各 5 球

Margaret and I picked this pattern for the first TKA project after its move to facebook. While browsing for patterns I wasn't very interested in joining this one for my knitting mojo hasn't really came back yet, but when we decided on Empire, I had to cast on. I had the yarn and color choices but needed to swatch. 
瑪姐和我選了帝國配色頸圍做為 TKA 搬到臉書後第一個群織活動項目. 選織圖時並沒有想要跟著織, 因為編織倦怠嚴重, 尚未恢復正常. 決定帝國頸圍後, 瑪姐因為忙, 加上時差, 我只得起針開打. 雖然這組 Lana Grossa 合太粗細的線用過很多次, 不過配色圈織的鬆緊度不一樣, 還是得測織. 最後照尺寸起 128 針, 共 8 個重複, 長度要 6 重複, 一整個比原作用極太粗細的線一圈 6 重複, 長度 4 重複多打很多.

First swatch was knitted with 3.5mm needles, although I thought it would be a little loose but as I haven't stranded for a while, it might smooth over the puckering. After 35 rounds, I really hated the stitch definition. It was all over the place and I forgot to take a picture to show how bad it was. Ripped and started over with 3.25mm.
一開始用 3.5mm 針測織 OK 後開打, 結果出來很酥鬆散, 而且除了編織倦怠, 配色手感也沒回來, 一整個亂七八糟. 打了 35 圈後, 實在是看不下去, 拆掉換 3.25mm 重織, 連照片都沒拍.

It all seemed well knitting with 3.25mm, but honestly, after 1 repeat, it looked bad. The knitting was really tight. It had to be stretched out to see well the color pattern. After some discussion with friends, I decided to rip and knit with 3.5mm.
用了 3.25mm 織, 針目似乎不再鬆散, 一個重複打完後, 看起來很醜. 太緊了. 如果不拉開, 感覺快要看不到白色的部分. 給惠芬和秀芬姐看過後, 最後我決定要拆掉重來. (秀芬姐叫我不要拆, 可是自己實在看不下去.)

Knitted with 3.25mm needles
用 3.25mm 打的

Knitted with 3.5mm
用 3.5mm 針織的

Knitting was quite smooth after switching to 3.5mm needles, but progress was slow for the warm weather we had. Took me a long time to finish. Finally, when the second knit along project was announced, I had to sew up the ends. When I reached the last few stitches, which didn't match up, a dropped stitch was found. After a few stitched at the BEGINNING. Unravel. Start over. Sigh.
換回 3.5mm 織後, 大致上算順利, 除了第 2 個重複大概是天氣太熱邊打邊睡織得有點緊不平外. 總之, 天氣熱, 織得很慢, 直到 TKA 第二個全織活動項目公告, 又拿出來趕快將兩頭縫合. 縫合到最後幾針時, 發現兩邊針數不對, 原來前面漏縫一針, 而且還是一開始沒幾針處掉了一針. 拆開重來. 唉.

Dropped a stitch while doing Kitchener Stitch

 Hot off the needles

All bundled up

I actually quite like this cowl, especially the long version, which is versatility. It's a shame that we don't have much decent fingering weight yarn in Taiwan, and that I had to settle with sport weight. Usually, sport is fine by me, but stranded AND knitted in the round, that's 4 times the normal thickness. It might be a little too warm for the mild winter here, but I like to wear it indoors with a t-shirt.
我是蠻喜歡這條頸圍, 尤其長版, 很多功能. 只可惜台灣沒什麼 fingering weight 中細線的選擇 , 只好用 sport weight 合太線織. 通常, 對於用合太線織東西我是很滿意的, 只是這條頸圍是配色, 再加上圈織, 等於是一般的四倍厚, 對台灣溫和的冬天來說, 可能太溫暖了點. 不過, 我都在室內穿針織衫圍它.