Annual update

Can't believe it's been another 13 months. It's has become a serious issue updating this blog. Especially when I've been feeling not quite well about things around here, specifically the knitting community.

These are some of the things I made after my last post here in 2015.

I've been knitting since 2005. Back then I was a lone knitter and had only one fellow country-knitter friend, who started the first knit along group here. Knitting here is heavily influenced by Japan in every way. I didn't like it and taught myself knitting with American and European patterns. As the years went by, knitters learned more through all kinds of platform, knit-alongs, knitting meet-ups are everywhere, also experience sharing. All was well. Alas, not quite. All would be well should they be established on the basis of respect. In the least amount of words, a decade passed, nothing's changed. Our knit-along group changed several formats and it kind of not work as well as we would've liked.

Since I didn't follow attentively my fellow country-knitters in the beginning, didn't start to during the past years, and still don't. It's all the same. Every one of the groups and pages and blogs. There were incidents which in the end led me to believe that it's utterly chaos.

Maybe I should start again, from the beginning. 

Knit something I truly like, notes on Ravelry, and write about it on my blog.

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