Lace Vest for Sebastian 小謙的蕾絲背心

開始日期: 2009/12/18
完成日期: 2009/12/23
圖樣: 採一塊半開襟外套右前片花樣
線材: Mondial Prima 100% 美麗諾
顏色: 116 果綠色
針碼: 4mm (日規 6 號)

Lace Vest

Start date: 2009/12/18
Finish date: 2009/12/23
Pattern: Adapted from the right front of Dollar and a Half Cardigan by Veronik Avery
Yarn: Mondial Prima 100% merino
Color: 116 Apple Green
Needle: 4mm (JAP 6)

打完小若的蕾絲背心, 知道鬆緊度可能不對, 打小謙的背心時要多算幾針, 且要多幾個重複, 畢竟小謙穿那麼合身會很好笑! 兩件背心打的長度一樣, 但小謙比小若矮 4~5 公分, 所以小謙的背心穿起來感覺長很多, 不過, 誰曉得這一年他會不會忽然找很高很快呢?

Experience from knitting Scarlett's lace vest is that the gauge was off, that I have to add a few more stitches and thus several more pattern repeats in Sebastian's vest, for Seba will certainly look very funny if wearing a fitted vest like Scarlett's. The two vests are of the same length, but Seba's 4~5 cm shorter than Scarlett so the vest looks like a tunic on him. But who knows? Maybe Seba will grow faster and taller than his sister this year!

小謙今年對試穿媽媽打的衣服這件事非常熱衷, 每次先打小若的在試穿時他也要求要試穿, 小若就會叫他不准試她的. 打小謙的要他試穿時, 他都好高興, 穿起來還會擺 pose 呢! 當他穿著完成品去給 (嫌小若的蕾絲背心嫌得很的) 外婆看時, 外婆竟然沒再多嫌, 跟小謙說: 好漂亮好漂亮, 小謙穿起來好帥唷!

Unlike the previous years, Seba's very keen on fitting. Everytime when Scarlett's fitting, he would come around and ask me to give him a fitting too, with Scarlett's garment, but Scarlett would prohibit him from doing so. Everytime I ask Seba to come for a fitting while knitting his vest, he was always very very happy and always posed in it. Surprisingly, when Seba showed grandma his finished vest, grandma didn't express anyore dislike and said to him: it's very pretty and you look very handsome in it!

Seba was very, very happy!