Godric's Hollow 高錐客洞帽

OK, remember I said I was so inspired and would like to knit everything I saw in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I? Well, after Hermione's Everyday Sock (which did not appear in the movie) it's this inspired beret/hat, imitating the one Hermione wore in the movie while accompanying Harry to visit Godric's Hollow on Chrsitmas Eve.

S&S in their coats and raincoat and Godric's Hollows ready to go to Kindergarten.

I picked up the mulberry colored leftover yarn from grandma's. My aunt was looking for odd balls to put together as a vest for her granddaughter, while helping her out, I picked out some leftovers: 2+ balls of worsted wool in mulberry, some variegated worsted wool in plum/salmon pink & etc., some variegated worsted wool/angora blend in pink/gray/yellow & etc., and 1+ball of purple angora/acrylic/cashmere blend. These can be knitted into berets or mittens or even both!

Recently I've been reading Kate Davies' blog and was so excited about corrugated ribs, so I decided to give the beret a twist. But these are pure wool yarn and they're itchy, so lining should be applied. I read about bi-color turn up hems on Ysolda's blog and brim lining on Kate's, and went to pick out some leftover lace yarn and cast on.

The berets were a quick knit using worsted weight yarn, but the brim aren't as elastic as I thought. No matter, the twins still love them a lot. I love them a lot, too!

I knitted the berets in adult sizes. I can wear them, too! So, they can wear them for a while!